Monday, June 22, 2009

notes to self speculating GR,QM to classical

The principle as solid anti-gravity vs focused gravity

clearly anti gravity in this sense is not a mirror of gravity.

the directed movements linearly vs the jumbled in all directions quasi-random

this can be measured but closes the degrees of value of force strengths as
if a certain range of total possible light (from the sun) emissions

there is linear and general gravity and anti-gravity but because the reverse
is solid and random (thus stronger) we have random gravity and directed anti-gravity
wherein the effects are geometrical over an idea of electric phenomenon in the
dialectics of stars.

The reverse of gravity goes in a rather random direction path of changes and
can become a twistor at any point to collapse toward a certain direction or center
from some one of possible positions- this depth of field categorization applies but
has to do so with consideration of the general geometric range of space as field.

There is this uncertainty of choices with a level and sub-level of categorical ranges
of degrees of freedom (indeed the idea generalizes to zeta zeros in such functions
as well as the oscillation abstractly in negative numbers of the binary expansion.

Thus we have a confluence of determinism and of entropic freedoms- but in no case
does the reversals seemingly of current or time direction apply to the totality for at
each category we can see a positive direction of independent motion.

This idea is thus generalized to that of a fundamental theorem of change and that remains
the same. It is here we see the confusion in what is the intelligibility of our thinking as logic
and other problem solving mechanics of consciousness as abstract in dreams.

That is the principle is more fundamental than the structures of consciousness.

But what does it say beyond the scope of this generalization if anything? Here we enter the true philosophic speculation at the edge of metaphysics. In a sense there is no actual antimatter either that does not act in a random way to the material positive graviton direction. Can the gravon as a mediator be that of an unseen random one quasi-random one? evidently. It is certainly an abstract step beyond the mathematics and logic as now conceived. In any case the standard theory in principle cannot stand as it does on such simple absolutes of our understanding at this time.

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