Sunday, June 28, 2009

DOCE SAUDADE (Sweet Memories)

DOCE SAUDADE (Sweet Memories)

Some of us ride the light and some the ocean

All is the song against the night and

Its echo in my mind and memory, a little bird

An exchange of dreams that change each other

After all we are the most important things in

Our universe of dreams and dust, hopes and promises

We ride the light extraordinary yet from afar and

Cross all barriers, all lovers the same, and all born anew

Your exploding star sends into the espace noir spinning water

Our tame boring one lets your notes through to change me

I orbit this world an see flashes of light, and across its chords

The sorrows of the moon walk blood mystery going backwards

As if a meteor crashed into the earth and dug up time

I ride the caravan with you, walk the keyboard in your fingers

* * *

A Philosophic Point:

I had a dream this morning, thinking about time. A couple of levels of ideas recalled in depth as I awakened, some of it fading in the sense of it recalled. From perspectives on what may be in an others mind- as if there are two natural and substantial times possible. At least in the background of this experience we call reality here and now and over our lifetimes time we think subjective or time objective each have their reality according to which we personally and impersonally relate.

In a sense the dog I was watching did not seem to worry about philosophy and physics but just enjoyed the rhythm of life and his circumstances. We too abandon ourselves to the living, the animal awareness in us that rides upon the background of what is or seems real.

Now, Einstein as a young man dreamed of riding a photon of light and what he would see. But did he dream of the context of how the ground of such a view would color our understanding of ourselves and the world, our ways to deal with it, our beliefs?

Feynman dreamed he was an electron vibrating in a grid (and at first one consequence was that at this discrete ground there could be no internal symmetries- just as there is nothing outside the barrier of light, unreachable, as it seems to move forth at light speed into future unknowns. On the forum there is a discussion on the Ship of Fools- and of leaps of faith- but even the circuits assume for some unclear reason that we communicate with others- we stick our thumbs out on the lonesome highway in hopes a ride will come - at the moment doubt it so- or that love will come in the heat of the moment or a given somewhere in the interconnectedness of fate.

We tend then to regard one or the other of our situation in space and time as solidness or truth. Imagine then two people like two atoms or particles that exchange a photon of light, the mediator of force is the idea- even perhaps as a quantum principle that gravity has an analog. But does it mean anything to say we ride that photon and if so what of the context there at the geometric (thus the corpen or binary mirror vibration)?

In our exchanges of love do our hearts live only in moment in the light of such a photon and not see what is outside it and not integrated as we venture back and forth near the arrow of time? Or from our position, anywhere really, to we clearly see the thoughts and dreams of our lover. Are we attatched really to a place and time and over a wider time some memory defined only by the music that in reality we do not want to leave hearing the song of the familiar, homesick if far from our home and origins as if a new language and music where we adapt our new life to that of our lovers?

So, in a fundamental way this philosophic question does seem that of the unification of the quantum and relativisitic biases in the physics, and the natural one of our living human scale as that between these two great working yet exclusive principles of observation and experiement.

Time is part of a deeper yet personal memory of things before it is the illusion of time if all such are to be seen as illusion and not as fundamental- love itself can be everlasting and a permament illusion. It fits the matter as well as the mind. And our lives of just the living, the ritmo, as our own personal solidity, reality, centerdenss of our personality over time, the animal doing what it does, is as real as the abstract circumstances of the dark background of what makes us so much more than we appear.

Anyway, these blogs help in my attention and reading of the Latin languages- and the pictures worth a thousand words, and the connections and traditions of this sweet and time varying song on which we do found our styles and dress and hopes and dreams and other projects in our solitude and soverignty as humans. I post the poem here as I did on as at last it seems a worthwile and more poetic poem than what I have posted of late. One should go to youtube to hear the songs- and the one inspired by the goucha somewhere de sol (for the link on that blog is sometimes diverted to outside nonsense).

Of course there was more to the dream but with a little effort of thought and daydreaming it will come out to fill in the significance and technical applications as the theory and world grows clearer.

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