Tuesday, June 23, 2009

natural design

The more I think about the more this general principle (for now I call the corpen principle) makes sense. I have thought about it for many things and have gone far down this most speculative line of enquiry.

Hoyle said- If God is real He is a part of reality. Hoyle of course the atheist. In a way he is the father of at least the aesthetics of intelligent design (not creationist per se) cosmology.

I will post these principles later if I can recall them all. On some level we expect of a theory of everything (the Omnium) that it can talk about everything, that is, about reality.

It will take such metaphysical and natural principles to explain the view to answer certain questions like the generation problem, anti-matter, and sub-quarks if any and so on.

I also thought about a testimony of my relation to this lifelong pursuit.

As far as my description of the bacterium flagellum it shows by this principle that the argument in courts citing it as design does not fit naturally either side of the issue. Think about it.

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