Friday, June 12, 2015

Exxene Relativity and Absolute Spacetime up to the OMNIUM

By Omnium I mean the sum total or miscellaneous collection (a term Penrose also coined for the idea of a sum total as a description of the Physics.

The Exxene (doubly extra dimensionless-dimensioned) Plane...  In this model we cannot just multiply matrices as if a measure of hyperbolic rotation.  So the physical universe in these topological and algebraic issues are not necessarily background dependent for the mathematics or physics. Is there in this twilight zone between the deterministic and indeterminate expression of a sequence (generalized the events and space coordinates at the  level of Ottonian observations as sequence over the OMNIUM... the first philosophic continuum.  Lorentz in this higher exxene relativity should hold and have a teleological measure of both the gravity and mass- so there is a lot to explore if there is this much and possibly more than this.  Conceptually we simply have to account for views like similarities and differences of dark matter or any dark models we use as metaphors in our speculations. In a sense the nature of such a path of interacting beginnings and endings can be seen as  Existing, the questions of at least a quasifinite praeternatural (primordial) state both on the macro and micro or middle scales to which it seems such a description of our would is naturally the case where we find it familiar on a human scale.  To the extent we may regard this as the next theory of unification as if a unique description we can imagine in this simpletic conception as part of the Big Picture is inversions and mirrors where the grid is at least logical, thus more or less rational, wherein we imagine Eddington like spaces in a relation, quasi- superimposed or not over null (singularity) algebras embedded in the other backgound of Dirac as if a quasi-reality as simple arithmetic that can exchange power laws to which our present math does not yet have good notation.

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