Friday, June 26, 2015

May the Gods Bless All our Homelands

Contrary to the latest NOVA on other forms of life that have a sense of the past and the future so can solve novel problems it is not all about culture - it is about our genetics history over a species too which can pass at a distance over generations of time. But deeper than this is also about simple geometry and arithmetic how people and collectives unify or interact in conflicts. So Happy Fourth of July from the next place North America has as part of the world's future. Revolutions and Revolts come and go, and so do empires in cycles. Count the rows, think the movement of things in time and space of wheat and light and our candle wicks made of sand. God Bless all our Homelands.

Geometrical Representational Simulations of Physics as Number Theory. The case of the 144 star union (120 + 24)...the minimal vortex array of halved and doubled orthogonal angles in redoubled convergence triple fractal back reaction.

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