Friday, June 12, 2015

The Autisicontinuum and its Quasifinite Spectrum

In the extremely trivial and replete profound act of counting the Quasic grid view for our preternatural ontological phenomenology does seem logical.  The 24-ness of things may each be a center or the totality of them have no center of simple topological connections.  The sympletic view moreover can be extended to higher null faults in interconnected dimensions where the 24-ness or ultimately the 384-ness in 4D is also a sympletic view so as to extend relative and absolute physics.  I note the simple doubling of triads, trichords are 24 and 24 as if a shadow but over the DNA compass for any given tone center we see the 3+1 formalism between the two sets as to which is the grounding major chord and its variations.  For now I call this version of the quasic plane the Autisticontinnum as our conceptual and constructible entities as physics. (Atcm) as regarded positive and concrete.

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