Tuesday, June 30, 2015

QD-viii Yaan-jin Jai-Baba Jayagens (Jgm)

Jayagens (Jgm)  It seems a major issue in our approaches to string theory or some other form of topological and arithmetic partitioning as to if symmetry can be broken outside of constructible space in two directions or more up and down to scaling or that in the center scale view symmetry is sustained where exponentially the top down and bottom up of structures balance out.  We do not need to show how crystals form by our sense of touch on the atomic scale when it can be done with interlocking tooth picks... other than some sense of observation in viewing such scales as physical and experimental evidence (which as the jayastrings may be opened or closed, certain and uncertain abstract objects or entities).

* * *

From whatever may be the underpinning of quantum theory concepts, be they algebra, some form of dimensioned geometry, or deeper properties of arithmetic,  Entropy and the message it contains is the personal joker in the deck.
While we have dramatic situations that seem limited in number they combine in many ways and it seems sooner or later we reach for the furthest variations in culture periods of late sensate art.  We have tried to break out of this limitation with little success.  But given enough time would any screen play as if an imagination of possible worlds appear so as to write itself or what will be written or what was not so written?  This thought a personalized form of time travel.
How then can an egg not in a sense come back together if from the foundations it can rise again?  Do things expand as pink noise or if that has a hidden mirror, ultragreen, do we not come back to the arrow of time again where the actors take on the roles and in real time ride on or fight against the linearity of it all, the white noise?

* * *

Yes... and can this image be reversed in time? Can it be unwound as if instead of cylinder or worm hole shape it describes things as if restricted to a single brane?  Globally, that is as a unified physical theory is there a dynamic difference in the fermion-boson conversion or viewing?  Do we ignore or think of entropy (time-like in description) as if this form of directed abstract movement to some end-beginning in effect  'memory' as in the case of the spine being part of the processing in learning (see sci daily today)?  Consider (mathematical) reconsideration of the Big Rip model... as Hoyle said of the Big Bang and the quasars - Not just one Big Rip but many Little Rips.  If for internal changes varying the earth's rotation so we need to add leap seconds does it really make sense to use quasars as a reference point as if they and not the earth's field does not vary?  What happens if this ideal linear information trace in  some higher sense loops on itself in some more general form of what we mean by gravity?  While Humpty Dumpty can be a surface in these interacting low dimensions of which a small part determines the form of the curvature of the whole, can the complexity be recovered over the quasifinite span where the egg shell is broken to the extent the information can be put together again?  If this is a question of divergent paths in space is it also capable of describing divergent time where convergence or unity of space and time are also one general unified primordial picture? Of course it would be much clearer if I could actually see the working equations and assumptions that generate the simulated pictures. :-)

A packet for Joseph Kover... the application as a metaphor to his simulation...

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