Saturday, September 5, 2015

Love is Quasifinite

Love is Quasifinite comes from a girl when discussing relationships in a bar and her work at the university (Photography, but she had lost an eye upset in a winter auto wreck over some guy. The was an avid reader of my lost poems and gave me honest feedback.) She insisted that she could sense another human as the DNA inside them gave off information for such things as how well they would fit together.  She laughed when I tried to understand how she meant this. She said that if she was not married by 30 she would marry me. But she never made to 30. We laughed as I had talked a few years with her in the coffee shop from when she first hopefully started school.

Well, Rajasekaran Rajagopalan posted an link on facebook (so many I could not find on my slow phone and the quite well written reply was lost as the connections faded) concerning these issues along he lines of Penrose, and my friend Pitkanen.  It concerned a Russian researcher whose articles and experiments in this (considered new age concepts by established science) seemed to me to have great merit when seen it depth that applies to our time.  But his conclusions were still imperfect. Rajaeskaran, as we are well ahead in the technology had also posted on ortho- and para- states of water in a previous article.  These two things linked rather well vaguely by quantum principles.  When I was ten or so we did not know how photosynthesis worked, nor the role of ATP, nor for that matter the structure of DNA. Basically the Russian researcher felt that we are made of light, are beings of light.  Considering some cosmic observations, especially the comet and Pluto and this idea of Hawking recently as another almost theory, one that considers dark and neutral information as to in the extremes if for all practical purposes the information is not lost but mangled in things like black holes and the entropy of surfaces, There is something to be said for this alternative view.  I will be returning to this discussion as my connections get more stable.

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