Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Oscillating Ekpyrotic Universe within Quasic Physics

From this view the Big Bang inflation models and the Ekpyrotic Cyclic models are part of the same general picture rather than necessarily ruling each other out. I invite some discussion here to get down to the core primal (preaternatural) concepts, and will be adding some photos and other bits of relevant conversation here.


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  2. Exactly the exactness draws the exact point. All are there in the picture vividly. Savitch's theorem tells us that Non-deterministic system given by Disparity as Leaky can be understood through the Polynomial Time which is the class of decision problems . Thus the disparity complexity can be mend by the square of that space bound . So , when 10 folding lines undergoes chirality Indeterministic , then we can meet the solution presented by Robert Berger from his Tiling and Domino Game . The tiling seems to be formed vulnerably in-spite of Aperiodic disparity function . So , it really senses me that the Aperiodic Leaky Disparity undergoes into membranes function .

  3. There was no Big bang but big SPARK as antihydrogen fusion wrapped in antihelium antioxygen cooling the fusion back to antihelium sealing and stabilizing the fusion into a self contained 12 ft ringed disc converting antihelium to light creating dark energy as this disc disappears into its own dimension still producing light or quantum field in the configuration of the Fibonacci spiral copying the fusion into light creating everything from DNA to Galaxies. Black holes are doorways in the dimension allowing dark energy energy to migrate into each other creating cosmic rays. Relativistic Perturbation Mantle made by lightning

    1. RPM What irrational convergence determines the n-hedral angles of the n-dimensional angles 5th dimensional hyperbranes? You are giving even the sacred geometrers a bad name.