Monday, September 28, 2015

Toward the Quasic Mind and Brain Structure

Toward the Quasic Mind and Brain Structure    The crane in the river helping shore up the loose wall facing the river broke loose and went downstream only to stop on a sandbar then brought back with ropes from land.  So too the metaphor of gray and white matter at the confluence at whatever the mechanics and mechanism that tries to build exact from the days of pyramids.  For or against the holographic principles so interpreted?  Even then the vast descent of consciousness and its super recursions builds deeper than all this.  We have the power to make people whole again and to treat them with dignity where in the day today living we can find a balance of equifinality.

I interrupt my composition of Ghost Town IV (the Quasic Brain) because of two blogspot posts. One by Lubos Motl which after you take away the name calling has an interesting discussion, especially from the standpoint of how he approached string theory then went on to learn matrices. Sabine posted her objections to some new ideas concerning the nature of the holographic principle at about the same time. I find nothing new in either view which on this issue comes to a head probably to the limit of debate on this level. One can read this issue i discussed all along and even quite recently. The inspiration for this was the re-reading of Tom Wolfe's book Look Homeward Angel which had an influence on my thinking early on. But I find the general premise mostly inadequate to make definite claims as to the nature of the structure of our Quasic Mind. I agree with Sabine that this debate has deep consequences. A better understanding of human consciousness and its development is one of them. Wolfe describes the child Eugene as his mind awakens to the world such as the river (highway) from Altamont to St. Louis. This debate at the foundations as physics seems to me about one of crossing rivers and in this case it is a matter of taste if we see it as limitless or broken into oxbows as it descends to the ocean. But the loops involved may as well be like the Wisconsin myth of the Round River. It is not about such a holographic principle that is based on our crude ideas of nerve connections- which in connectionism does exhibit holographic pyramids in brain structure. There is no certain guarantee that if we do not get the nurturing at a certain critical time that the brain is smaller and less efficient for the calculations in the gray matter and the communication in the white matter. it is not that simple, and that seems to me a matter of politics needing deeper science for solutions. Oddly, if they have printed a brain it is not clear that it could be used as say a computer chip. Unless they have the right underlying architecture. We in the digital age should understand that there is a trade off and compensation between the calculating and the communicating part of the brain, Anyway, here are the two post links if anyone cares to relate it to the discussion at hand. You see, there is as Sabine points out a confusion on sides of such equations, but the equations are not a simple region with a river to cross. Stringly conservative an Loopy liberal thinking will not transcend the problems, and certainly not Lubos as a young man's hopeful speculation of imagining the background of quasireality as the same thing as a moebious strip flatland topology. But as social animals we over and underrate our ability to know or see a bigger picture. ***

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