Saturday, July 18, 2009



I am very busy trying to catch up on web page design after learning some of it a decade ago. But even now as then the computers do not seem to do what I want them to do. It is a feeling of being so far behind and yet so far ahead. I have some posts to bring things up to date with some new understanding of how things work between what applies to the physical world and the person where mathematics converge on the intelligible description of our reality.

I find it quite amazing the news lately posted on the old philosophychatforum concerning the wider scope of the genome- that among the things my model suggested and I posted there which do indeed require a wider generalization of what seems to them only metaphysical concerns. The scientific method can be advanced and not retarded by our reasoning- not all is a committment to big science experiments. Not that these are not needed but is does not have to be the only way. I hope some of it survives so that the world can see that despite the stuggles between the worldviews we indeed, even if from the outside of it, did a great undertaking of science in this wider medium of human community and communication.

I will bring things up to date on these new idea that in this technology as well as that of the life sciences we need to reevaluate and reinterpret things closer to nature and the drawing board. It is a strange feeling to have the doubts of our purposses and being if any, and to see the world full of evidence and discoveries of what seems sensible in our wildest dreams that as always can become forgone conclusions. My quasic stuff is so close to the advances in the digital technology it is hard to see the distinctiions but easier to learn and work out the intuitive components which work in the dark with clear results. The grand speculation is the bringing of this knowledge to the hear and now as well as the fun of using this child of philosophy for similiar great speculation interpretations where there is a chance we can understand our spiritual natures better.

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