Monday, July 20, 2009

Derived Principles from Philosophic Computation

And the Unified Mind:

* To some extent what we now think of as the insight that for some mathematicians we sense there is genius beyond the expertise, a sort of awakened and working daydreaming, amounts to that part of the design of space which we dwell within but have neglected to make explicit in our understanding. Perhaps such a relation to space without awareness is its complement on the other end of a possible intelligence spectrum.

* We hear and see with our minds. The ear is a very good Fast Fourier Transform analog of abstract data we are learning in our time to digitally interpret. But these aspects of the mind and the fractal hypostatic abstractions of materiality and perception meet in experience as a unified place where the distinction and dialectical relationship of the continuous and discrete effect an abstract design of further generalization with the hint of clearer questions to resolve.

* What are the zero and one in the computational or informational sense but that which we, as a concept, may abstract from non-existence and existence that the perceptual or physical grounding can be itself shifted and itself abstracted?

* The problem of quantum collapse as a concept in this sense as a matter formost of physicality and process, is a most general abstract space and perhaps a wider mechanism of spaces yet unimagined and unknown that to some extent ground us in common sense, evidently. Given the unified theory beyond this model of physical things and the mind as something even more general than the biochemistry we ask if there may yet be a further step of abstraction, that is a wider Omnium beyond our philosophy of theories of everything.

* To deny the influence of quantum jumping as a general if rare biochemical process is to deny the discrete quasic system and puts undue paradoxical emphasis on continuous statistical methods- those core assumptions of quantum theory including a sort of absolute commensurable idea of time and wave rather than point formulations. Methods which does not recognize on all levels of the physics of spin and dynamos that susposedly explain orbiting objects moving in the same direction. Even the rings of Saturn braid. But it is over reaching Newton's question as to say that God set the direction of the planets orbits together in motion- as well that those laws of physics and math give rise to the phylotaxy of spirals rather than the other way around as if statistics can overreach to conclude there is no greater insight to a general theory, claim that there is no God needed despite a deep and dogmatic lack of deeper explanation within that system, as coherent as it seems to explain things. Pie in the sky works here as well as the idea that there was a prime mover of our seemingly finite world of the music of the spheres. Science is feeding like chance and mutating scarabs on the rotting flesh of our dead ideas of such a God.

* We might also say that, vaguely, the dark fluid ideas (and galatomic if the ecotoms move in what sort of the possible directions and definition of motion and background do they move? Do they ignore quasic space?) the useful and unifying to a point dark matter-energy idea seems to suggest a more fundamental state of space and simpler law of things more general than our ideas of entropy and information- such ideas may indeed be omnipresent everywhere and yet we may have the freedom on some level of things that is nowhere- that is in our abstract motion. To develop the physics on such principles and claim it the only science is to make a possible mistake or being misinformed as to scientific method as to even ask (apparently with the assertion of no hope of such an answer as irreducible metaphysics) the initial state of order in the universe unless the myth everywhere and when inspires us to contemplate on these things we can know that are at a deeper level than what we have limited ourselves to beyond the remote extremes of origins and the limitations we impose upon what exists or not as the ground of mathematics which first and foremost in the inverse square law of flatland as that of quadradic planes and the discrete views given equal intuitive but subtle weight as quasic transformations.

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