Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ringlets- Round'a;bouts, Merry-go-Rounds, and Carosels

Even posting in a blog I sometimes overshoot and get behind my thoughts and postings. Lately I have been thinking a lot on the beginning level of how we form web pages. I am trying to form a domain for the arts and sciences but am rusty with the coding. It has advanced so much since a decade ago when such things for some reason seemed harder for me to learn. I am not happy really with the logic behind the final product of it all.

We have three generations of particles which should be a given rather than something to explain. From the quasic ordering of things we an imagine at least two sequences of time and these can interlace into persistent patterns. Such phaneron backgrounds tend to explain a lot (I will post a poem on this on myspace today sometime called 'Intellects")

It is a problem really trying to relate all this to binary schemes as the quasic idea is so similar as if we found a different direction to similar things as perhaps two aliens would present in communication. But the overall logic seems to work, the interpretations can be confusing. Those times I think we have to or actually reinvent the wheel to learn something in this universe in our own personal time perspective I wonder if the cosmologists are not doing just that- reinventing the universe. Yet in some sense the universe is given even if we can explore it by thought and experiment over the grounds of enigma of the various models of physics.

A key idea is one of a Null or Neutral Fractal. The pattern persists although we do not know save by the evolving and certainly cannot see it nor its self similiarity the quasic grid or dimensions the pattern is embedded in. These are the hidden spaces that are teeming with design that appear to be some sort of absolute something or nothingness, be it the relativistic gravitational background or that of the various statistical theories. In this sense the philosophy and science seem to share the methods of knowing and enquiry. In a quasic sense, and it is one of the intelligible possibilities where all things are abstract in general, The background is thought itself as a human personalization, a tenatative one, as much as it is anything.

Hoyle perceived the first grounding of mass and asked such a working anthromorphcentric question where the triple axes or unified of three and four forces are reduced not to separate codes of the grays but held as one local observation and mechanism. His grounding a lot like that of Eddington's fundamental theory as it presents a quasic like structure of vector transforms. If we distinguish the generations and weigh them (gravity is the time like fourth force in all grids and dimensions and thus more like a background than the same sort of initial force) We count the carbon as a fundamental pattern and it can have resonances that make it degenerate in the systems encoding but this is opaque or dark fluid-matter like as there but unseen.

I walk to the coffee shop and my perception of space and time, its perspective, can be surprising as to what road goes at an angle to the grid or is make in square pixels, As I walk where the path seems at time longer going to some place as coming back I not the smaller unseen pixels play the game of life but in a different ordering of the curves in the plane our intuition and mind fills in, I find the perspective changes between the cracks and stress releif lines in the fields and road and sidewalks. It is quite an opaque quasic quantum-like foam and its its own compositor of programs. It was quite an interesting journey on many unseen levels.

Life persists in some pattern that repeats and has its vibrations and complements while as with a descrete wavelet it has a cycle of zero, a few linear steps in the grid, then zero again as if a single life experience repeated or not is what happens when we take a ride on the merry-go-round- to come from some unknown and go into some other unknown all in a spirography of open or closed cycles. It is not clear either if these little variable but seemingly uniform vortexes have a border of demarcation where things are not clearly local or non-local anyway if they are like the toroidial video games- for that is one of the faces that are or can be present as motion itself of the possible geometries. I begin to ask questions for things we thought not needing of a clearer explanation.

Let him wise understand that I also speak of consciousness, its evolution and human element. In a sense we are together and yet despite the work load it is easier in solitude- one that is not really isolation or if such isolation exists we each can see it persisting in the collective of us all- as we perhaps look under the hood and reinvent the wheels and are not aware just where and when or what perhaps only known to ourselves is the measure or comparison of intellect and consciousness. It is each of us individually that has to keep the faith in the end into some unknown direction for the worth of our efforts of enquiry.

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