Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Great Speculation (Steady State Spirituality, QsSS)

The Great Speculation (Steady State Spirituality, QsSS)

In the spirit of this blog as a fresh look at alternative ideas I offer what I have long felt upon the first contemplations on the quasars just before their discovery:

Assuming as we descend to the micro scale (which is in the long view one of the general unification's of metaphysical ideas), the structure of space becomes locally more complex and disordered as if a fog or an endless descent into chaos that seems to preserve an ever diminishing presence of continuity. But such a quantum like foam can be modified by the laws of quasic ordering and contrasts with our evolving measurable science and theories of physicality.

This accumulating restraint provides a model or mechanism where in any disintegration of an identity as a probabilistic region into a particle-like dust of the "Personal Now" becomes potentially a steppingstone and awakening of ideas, as an intelligible model of spirituality.

As this is a reduced but accessible or substantial theory of physicality we cannot just make the model clear (nor will some of you make sense of what I here see) in terms of quantum analogies- even if we vaguely assert a correspondence connecting the material formulism with its equivalence in quantum theory to a description as consciousness.

Consciousness is more than what we vaguely feel real and understand as material and mental experience. Physics and faith in our time is at best a vague approximation. Physics can proceed in its discoveries without the fear of a unified world of what seems a given knowledge- learning can evolve without the need for a chaotic yet ultimately not defined cosmic background.

The question now becomes where does this sort of information go, the reality of it go and evolve? Should we move through a Quasar-like quasic field (which can be a general model of our space as the unified fabric rather quasi-crystalline) what role then these play in the physical universe is at least a useful question whatever the outcome of our descent fading or not into the metaphysics, whatever the origins and returns we sense and imagine, whatever our own and God's quasi-personal existence and experience. By this question I do not mean entropy and quantum questions asks of information for the black holes as if the universe can be summed up as a quantum wave function.

My ancester (according to what I heard discussed of him as a child but wonder if there is a direct documentation) Nicholas August Otto, the Otto cycle gasoline engine- also seems to have suffered at the hands of existing physics in vogue as did Fred Hoyle in his higher perception of the beauty of his cosmic model of his creation fields. We live in a cloud (Andromeda strain?) he said working lifelong against the big bang idea. Otto did not keep the pattent for his engine because he imagined the no-knock by the inclusion of lead by looking into a cloud from a smokstack. One day both dreamers will be seen as mainstream scientists. Einstein himself will be still highly regarded in his lonely search and intuition for a unified theory.

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