Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fiction of Science

My eyes have gotten blurry at times in trying to figure out the logic of computation in relation to color theory. This sort of work is best done in isolation so it means I am not on line as much for the forthcoming projects.

The old philochatforum looks like a wasteland and if blogs are there for open opinnion then that innovation was among the ones now formalized in the coding of it all. Still, there are ways to view things that have not been taken seriously. Science and science fiction seems to be the topic there this morning. But what is understanding if we do not also try to distinguish the facts and prospects of science as matters of our perception?

Let us consider those experiments of silouettes such a a nude dancer or dots moving on a screen as to what in our right or left brains we see as the direction of the motion as if it were in three space or rotating in two space. Our brains, some thought to be a perceptional probe of our psychology, seem capable of relating to such perceptions of motion. We also are capable of sensing the limits to what is there but seems to remain abstract and invisible. With the dimension of color we find even a deeper paradox of perception- in the ordering of things even in a still picture the place of ordering of what seems as motion as well the articulations of what is perceived so that we fill in the solidity of physicality- that things seem to move both ways. This alone shows that higher logic of colors and space requires at least a quasic idea of structural ordering.

Clearly the idea of an analogy to explain things like the expanding balloon to show that as space expands the galaxies on it from any one of the seems to move from it at greater speeds beyond perception and the velocity of light even, is a misleading analogy. That there can be a non-linear and well ordered physics of the quadratic plane is something we begin to discern as a way to resolve the finite and infinite in the physics. There is no distinction but this when we imagine say the edge of the universe as if we could pick out a distinct second dimension from the thrid. We need a more general definition of such dimensions and their representations.

A limited jet of energy if we use the standard physics may indeed make a saber sword for it is not science fiction that inspires to new technology and insight but one that is a step down that should at least tell us there is something incomplete in our theories as well as a little complex but doable in our development of technology. The spirit of philosophy and science needs not be so trite and trivial- especially when it holds a key to the workings of our genome as we look deep into the skin with our lasers and wonder what differences are there we cannot see in the polarity that experience leads us to cateracts and blindness- ye teacher of the blind leading the blind and so be it if such dead are burying the dead. Science fiction was a waste on some scientists.

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