Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Music of the Monopoles

In this cloudy zen garden some of the images come from the related links for illustration of my comments on an article posted in the science chat forum.

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The Music of the Monopoles:

On the contrary to statements on the forum I find this a most exciting breakthrough and goes to the heart of the issue as a matter of our philosophic discussions on the nature of physics. I include here some ideas from the pseudoscience which goes to show how far a lack of understanding the basic higher dimensional geometry can lead to unassailable theories for lace of what is regarded as solid research.

Clearly it is a fundamental notion of counting, that there is unity or something less and thus the idea of zero in the abstract. Moreover the dipole of say the earth's magnetic field can become a quadrapole or an octapole and so on in our understanding of how such an idea of magnetism works in space. Now, a lot of this is simply group ideas but these are very subtile- music, like my tetraphonics can indeed be applied to wave and group theories with better notation (even better than I posted but have not published) We need an attitude toward such things more than any given math or interpretation of them.

What we need, as the debate is shown on the sciencechatforum, is something that grasps the nature of the problem at least from a topological perspective in higher spaces and string ideas. Something intuitively deeper than special relativity which itself is bipolar between the quantum and general relativity. We need to moderate the hysterical enthusiasm of the young linford86 who says, telling us what we already know, that we have to look at Maxwell's equations again. How well taught this great desire to find the new and the unique- how monopolar. We also need to moderate the skeptical constipation of Lincoln on this matter. Pseudoscience aside when we cannot distinguish the poles in so many debates (like health care?) we need a better way do what we call science and a better philosophy of science- at least the human spirit should dispassionately take an overview of our theoretical entanglements.

Perhaps those interested in natural and not artificial patentable strings of proteins and enzymes will see that this idea of pseudo-monopoles as serious bearing on the biochemistry of we living things including some reason in the chaos of experiments.

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