Monday, September 7, 2009

Origin of the Pe Sla

For those who have asked me about my chatroom nick here I explain the origin of the term Pe Sla (Lakota Souix, close to my Cherokee lineage of my grandmother, linguistically.) That is what I mean when I say I am the ghost of departed quantities, a nova as I am interested in the skies- and when first on the native american chat room to talk with my Objibway friends I was asked for a nick that came from an attribute of mine.

The savanah and then the prairie- what is above as what is below in a sense- what better way to dwell in the spirit and peace of a zen garden than that place where over some period of time beyond the quaterions of the sparks within us that we have not really confused the map with the terrain, the scalers and vectors of what is changing or invariant in our space and time.

She bends in an arch like the first of mothers, her milky way presenting and dancing in the window- first the dream then the awakening- in all this dreaming we are exhausted but are still strangers to each other, father time and mother earth.

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