Friday, September 4, 2009

Tetraphonics (Music of the Spheres)

I add a supplemental image to emphasize the cycle nature of tree note forms- the minor stands as if time against the past present and future of the diminished, major, and augmented triad: Again we have the dark fluid concepts as in the galaxy formation evolution.

Another zen garden of our virtual guilty pleasures as on the PBS radio lately, the Jean Ferraca show on Earth, is the idea of Permaculture. A permanent agriculture and yet a permament or sustained culture in itself. Yet it is not wide open evolution of the struggle or survival of the fittest but our intellect intervenes but not in the slash and burn destruction by the plow.

What then of such radical reductionism that as a Darwinian idea it does not take into account the ecological balance of things? Now wonder it cannot answer the ultimate origin of life and holds it all a matter of randomness over some history. Yet in the proteins (as per the science new activity on that chat forum) we find that just beyond our categories of extensions into the unknown without closure that the proteins themselves may arise anew from the non-coding genes (thus to make us in a sense culturally different from the apes). What can science say that will not address the real philosophy of such things? Is it not closer to some idea of the spiritual wherein maybe those who connect the emotions and the health of the genome are right after all. But if they are it is the science that becomes obsolete at a dead end after all as its growth is artificial thus less than the psychological and sociological as a basis of knowledge. This idea of a philosophy of science is more in tune with the permaculture (hey, why are so many addicted to that trivial game on facebook, Farmville, they import gifts of bananas and harvest corn- I wonder if the message instead of natural balances is one of monoculture?

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