Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paper Money and C notes

My study of music is becoming easier especially having developed most of it on my own such that some things seem so simple to me now. How the notation matters and how we see it leads me to think about some ideas of note intervals and wave positions on a decibel or log scale as the same sort of group mathematical problem as the issues of what is a grounding plane for physics. Music beyond the 15th (which is C) is the physics and physics of perception, a quasic thing of certain intervals 16 + 1 of a field of four space rotations formed on 96 which in a deep way I vaguely see justifies the mixing of the just scale with the twelfth root of two as we actually hear and sing the music. This then involves abstract group algebra but in a way our notations just do not handle from a comprehensive global viewpoint in the music or the math (do we reduce things to a pattern or chord of different names and voices for the same chord? 192 was Plato's musical number, that of half the four space rigid rotations. But is the world so plural at ground we can simply add frequencies to make some arbitrary contour FFT or in reality the root of things if they could be individually ascertained make for deeper levels of the underlying reality of what as in music is not simply linear steps or scales? This idea is of course a little more than the fractal idea of dimension or the exponential idea of relations to zeta complex numbers and the vortexes of roto-centers and so on as if unto some unity physics is a reduction to its own derivatives, a false unity perhaps, a way to avoid the concept of some level we cannot grasp of innumeracy.

So I am on the passenger side looking out the window of the car down some highway with the sun on my arm as I think how strange if you think about it what life and the living of it is anywhere actually in time and space, a residence and occupancy potentially everywhere and when, a dealing with our past but one here and now life and what debts and demons there are some of which are ourselves in our own pasts and futures- But I note upon awakening this thought was after all, Descartes like in its resolution of doubt while the living at least, was in a DREAM. Yet physically as well as psychologically is there a difference save in some direction of the voicing and some sense of the unity or tone things resolve to even if we do not know what causes the division and direction of time's arrow in the first place? Not all diminishes and augmented chords can be unified in a single ring, perhaps they can as two rings, and so on...

What then of the maps I explore on Google, of my beloved Chapel Hill, and today Charlotte but can only come close to the tangle of streets- sure the first house there by the railroad track I can see, and the underpass where we as children collected bottles for change or smoked our first cigars. Or the unmistakable shape of the architecture of the high school on Eastway drive- yet from a distance - distar, to be at some distance from it, from the depths of truth and privacy as if in our old and once read page of some book of life and time we lose and forget the early connections, or roads on the map (I mean google has not mapped the street view there yet to cover every public space but the virtual brain at least on the surface of those dimensions are growing. Or as it involves the future of this era in a sort of spacious present when time or space seems reversed that we are in a sense losing the future clearly as well as the dementia of our past life and memory to so be at a distance from somewhere in the diminished and exaggeration of chords- an atrophy of dreames, a split of what in subjective time becomes real space or vice versa- and a sense if we can extend beyond one universe and one life the experience that does not vanish such that say Johnny at the coffee shop died in some world and now thinks he has a second chance until the final evolution and arrival to some new place when I can quite conceive the process of what is virtual and real may never end although we are not quite the same soul or evolution into enlightenment as we once were- only we are born with some degree of debt to the past and future only to make a better definition of what we can know and see as the world is not so simple maybe in the intervals nor can it forever be bogged down in the disinformation of incomplete music.

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