Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Strand of Space and Time

It involves dreams of my early house and a virtual tour walking the streets to the old school with the aid of the google maps on the street level. I see as if the light from the future rather than the past and the shell of magical places that seemed once so big. Tet I also see just how much of nature has turned into a desert over this last half century. We travel in our minds also in this real sense of all things that are made of virtual sand here at the endless beach of this world's seeming strand. And what do we recall with a reminder but the old gate by the cemetary to which the map does not take us deep in its paths- nor the school nor inside the houses and their depth of cycles, nor the ship Venus moored in the haguewaters is there any longer it was such a long universe of time ago. In many ways we are more real than the dust.

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