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Discrete Wormholes

Discrete Wormholes

Please read the comment to my post of yesterday from Matti Pitkanen as it synchronously addresses some issues which came to me on my morning walk to the coffee shop after a good night's and normal dreaming sleep. He has summarized the issues at hand in relation to quantum things- a good grounding as philosophy to which I can only say that is what my post today represents in hope the quality of it shows the need for creative philosophy as well as creative science if any of us can represent either.

*1 If I can imagine black holes within black hole structures in an intelligible manner (that is in the totality of such things (as creative) and touching on the ideas of centered shelled entities, then our ideas of wormholes may also have such deeper structure in relation to the geometry or reality of substance and vacuum.

*2 When we can find an equilateral triangle by extending any triangle by them externally or internally then finding there centers, once we have such a triangle the scale of it may expand (possibly contract) into larger equilateral triangles.
*2a We can extend this principle of a ray like object (a point or iota and its indefinitely extended "string") to other intelligible ratios such as triangles involving the golden proportion, this generalized to higher dimensions and other intelligible structures so found there.
*2b To such an iota point the ordinal number may approach from or begin then leave into infinity. But the two together may limit the relative invariant length of what can be realized and thus beyond issues of scale, so can be foundational deeper as a foundation for physics.

*3 These are issues of discreteness and continuity as if a quasinfinite view where we ask, as Newton so defined continuity, what is consecutive and what is (topologically) contiguous.
*3a A pipe (so as to carry water) can do the dimensional work of a hole yet direct the flow because it is at least in infinite series of consecutive and contiguous holes. Thus contiguity may be close to the idea to which so many struggle to see the geometry of this world only as continuous theory.
*3b We may as well use the word stargate for the idea of the mouth of such holes in relation to what sort of dimensional space or topological structures they describe or are "embedded" within. Thus we have a hierarchy so far of hyper-pipes and it is important to so consider where these have distinct physical effects. It is not clear at all that all such flat event horizons or singularities can be interconnected or even contiguous in some generalization of space geometry.
*3c A series of line segments, presumably of unity length, may be considered a contiguous pipe of one dimension and in some ways asserts a linear idea of clock time.

*4 Part of the concepts here are ancient philosophic issues along the lines of Zeno's paradoxes. These are in a sense solved by the calculus, but on a deeper level philosophy holds that the issue is not resolved at all. But along the way we can derive intelligible notions as regards the idea of division by zero.
*4a In particular the idea that in the physics we can have differentiations that are opaque to the system in which they apply, that is some particle may be thought to not respond to acceleration or velocity, one or the other a neutral zero background across the potential infinity.
*4b Ideas also on the macro-level of observation, the relativity's, in which a description of the constant velocity of light as variable or slowing down, where light is fundamental, is as good as a description of this general idea of dark matter in relation to centered things or things with singularity centers. (see Louise's blogspot for formal research and an example).
*4c The idea of light cones with such internal and external substance and shadow depths and spans- as Rowlands general metaphysical principle expanded wherever there is a local variation of what does not exist from something that is substance as if light cones (read the mouths or rims of these event horizons and singularities), if the light relative to the rest of the general universe slows down then the shadow cone may speed up. This would explain the acceleration of cosmic rays, indeed, that if there are deeper structures and even deeper ones, local or not of them, that we as we do can observe the varieties of such cosmic rays.
*4d The unity as a product of zero and infinity, one side of this inductive equation a sort of scaleless or indefinite invariant and the other side that leads to a wider dynamic of what may be changeable thus not fundamental in measure sense implies that: Division by zero on all topological structures and scales from an iota point to a ray is a dynamic motion overall, not just a static equation.

*5 We imagine then a discrete but contiguous structure to the stargate rims with the embedded flatness intrinsically and a level of ambiguous within or without-ness directions. At these stargates or portals a continuous brane idea of those which are spaces contiguous suggests at least binary decisions as to what bifurcations such tree like wormholes may divide into, and binary may be the default grounding. In as sense from a constellation of such stargates quantum and peculation like properties may be computed and observed as well the integral structures of shells.

*6 In relation to a cone extended to the minimum or invariant singularity-event horizon length we can reflect to the outside extent on the other side of the cone, a mirror light cone- but in the process we bifurcate the angles also such that within the same circumsphere of expansion there is a slight but meaningful difference in the linear expansion (by zero measure considerations) that have physical effects.

*7 In discrete wormholes where they branch even into twofold it is not clear that such branching is unique discretely with reference to higher topological spaces of freedom to do so. Yet, the totality, including internal steradian angle idempotence of multiple generations (colors and flavors) may default to the level of the dimensions of the topology in question.

*8 Knots and braids on some level intelligibly describe such connections as if the vague relation of fields around some material or structure of physicality.

*9 Clearly, the representation of particles which on either side of the mirror, as dust as well as energy, holds on at least the same topological level of what is expanded or compactified locally and generally (expansions and contractions) explain that similar particles even of the same generation and virtually as shadows or neutral particles also, may have vastly different values of mass to which when they become dust they seem to weigh more in less space than perhaps an atom itself- clearly such scales apply to the energy released in supernovas in a galaxy in relation to the total energy in all the stars. While we can imagine a difference in the quality of an emitted photon, even derived from different topological levels these appear the same structural entity despite what spectral differences are encountered.

*10 [As an after thought I can imagine a whole new area for research if I ask the question what happens if such discrete wormholes can intersect, somehow pass thru and ignore each other, or their grounding elements relate or are superimposed? In a sense all equations are descriptive on some level even when they seem concrete. In that sense some of these notions may already be in the literature somewhere in the form of logic or some view of physics or something. Perhaps at this level of things some ideas like tachyons (not part of Rowland's considerations)may find use. If creative forces are also in a sense dynamic, yet dark, could the dynamics of such philosophical topology not have its global mirror counterparts of fixed or movable reference frames? Could these not also have such a scope of intersections?]

* * *

So Angel comes into the coffee shop fresh out of the state mental institution in Mendota. She is full of metaphysics and street drugs and says she is an angel. She was actually paid to lecture her philosophy class with her view of things. But she gets way to loud and the owners would kick her out. I found one way to quieten her so she would not get kicked out (for after all when the local missionaries came and we have our own here already I challenged them prove she was not an angel- after a few times their pastor forbade them to visit and discuss things here- We told them we would pray for them and if they were not careful next time we would send them a prophet!) "Angel," I said, "you are not really in the coffee shop or going to the university. You are still in Mendota and Johnny who everyone thinks is slow is really our orderly who passes out the medications." She gets quiet for five minutes then bursts out laughing and settles down. "Indeed, Angel, we are just a shadow world of He-man and there they watch us on television and the kids even beg their parents for little Johnny action figures."

Words like symbols sort of intersect like discrete wormholes, meanings shift and they seem to be limited in their directions and numbers as all such fleeting notions and fads. The terrain gets crowded at times and no two things sharing the same space even without baggage tends to fade into the chaotic decoherence. Stargate, well the science fiction writers are a step ahead of the popular culture in theory beyond the space opera of aliens, violence, and the usual romance but there is a lag from the frontier of speculative theory- it evolves. Stargate sounds like an appeal to a nerdy sci-fi futuristic viewpoint. And as we walk on the sand of idea, if we find our footprints by triangulation, that place is where as in the zeroth law of thermodynamics that two things in equilibrium to a third are in equilibrium to each other-despite the fact that from some higher or lower view these things can be asymmetric or even cyclic. But the poet in me, inspired by the Eastgate shopping center mall in Chapel Hill, used the word much earlier very long ago- so too the general quasic structure at first called the Odo-cell, but try to find that among the links to the shape changer- Odo, rich, Otho, Otto... This meta-information can be lost in the wider publication, a sort of purloined letter. But who know how it will all come down in the end?

* * *

I find it rather interesting when people use the old worldview analogies. One in particular is "this will go the way epicycles went as an old theory." In a sense even with an invariant length or the idea of a centered objects (as if shells from outside perspective) we can imagine little spheres as if the idea of this model of a particle or electron can be in fact compared with an epicycle in this manner. This as I say true on the compressed linear model (even if as an atomic string it contains three objects one not clearly in the center and one relativistic. Obviously we need a more general view of these basic (well, for the classical physics I use the general symbol of a hedgehog and for quantum the beehive- the spines of the creature from this christian symbology like the perpendiculars from a center. Lubos has an interesting post today on futurism, the book Future Babble where the hedgehog and the fox are symbols of such grounding world views.) The quasic view, as I said, is the peacock with a thousand eyes. If somehow the general background of the cosmos eliminates this natural center of things as an evolved perception view (Pinker whom Lubos also mentioned today if that is the same Pinker) then it seems we would have to eliminate the thousand eyes in a thousand eyes and so on- that is if we have ultimately a more chaotic world view. But keep in mind if we can imagine such further generalizations, structured or not, these could be a possible physicality and all hint at things way beyond even these current speculations of such complexity. Here for now one might truly say we are still dealing with philosophy. Eliminating such epicyclic views, linearly or not, may not be as simple as our current view of the continuum- even those along the line of baby universe analogies from a more biological viewpoint.

* * *
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