Monday, March 28, 2011

Poem: Astrophysics

Core Photo from Virginia Beach by Sebastian Otto

L. Edgar Otto

The street lights rise over the melting snowbank
leaving a long shadow on the sidewalk

I feel the music of it in the soft contours
here and there a bunny's paw prints, avalanche

Icy tells over the layers of snow and wind, sunlight
wasted this walk out of the way, countless crystals

But I would not change the song, deconstruct its
message, I like keys lost still there in the parallel universe

Perhaps I still cling to the myth of right and wrong
winter struggle not like the storms to be ruthless

Yet the windchill can be stimulating in the dunes
digging children on the beach, a puzzle of a dog's vertebrae

The scavenger gull eyes us, lovers skirt by the waves
arm in arm and bundled still in their innocence

The young lady screams stumbling over the man castle
we made just before the tide line, and the sitting sun

The old judge by his walks, the city streets and sea walls
picks up another marble, cat's-eyes and earths

* * *

Nothing today. I worked toward a variable star mould of five points because I had a close idea of two layers a halving of the stellar arms- but it did not work out. I know it is a minor puzzle and obsession- but it brings home to me that with such ratios really to do with higher space partitions cause strange things like perhaps the broken symmetry, five things, particles, not to be some single constellation.

I keep finding gaps in my experience with these simple geometric things, but alas I doubt there is time to amass a formal study. At least I know what is lacking.

Knots and crossings? I take five coffee sticks and make a pentagram. Four of them one over the other at two points then they interlace. Now, add the five such that along the line one is alternately over and under. Lo, the fifth one at the last point was crossed as over has to be changed to that crossed as under.

* * *

Some links- old and new:
what a find constellation of my fellow bloggers!

through xcthulhu on What is Logic?

This on that page and on my mind to visit or live there for next month:

* * *

Later that evening:

I did some drafting with the empire problem of Penrose tiles and come to feel it would amount to my problem of such variable star moulds. Note in this article the connection to music and that other links recently posted describe star and convex areas for musical scales.

I also thought about one of my links above- which seems to me that in general the Brownian motion is that between the quantum and classical views of things- in that sense Einstein observed the square root of the time. And this we do to scale model things so that a tsunami or model railroad would look normal scale.

I also, if I recall it right, from a closed hot body an aperture of the square root of two would allow escape- a thermodynamic and space consideration here. Can we say that the extra mass comes from the dancing of quarks in that article and they imperically yet independently align the left and right ones- is this idea of mixing or of momenta as a quantum idea enough to describe say the translations in general space for such subatomic Brownian like motion?

The other thing I encountered in number theory, so wide it is hard to find some of its divisions- well Ullam divided the numbers as to the factors possible and found that the dark regions, divided by quadrants more or less, grow toward the center as having more factors. While it was said that it was not an understood but an intriguing pattern it certainly looks to me like a quasic region and principles- and perhaps the vibration that supposedly measures deeper areas of mass and energy beyond what may be the "neutral classical currents" tend to arrange into shells as if a nucleus or whatever creative dark region may jet out or decay from such geometry imperially forced locally or remotely from some region of space, and some such root of things, like perhaps our concept of the square root of clock time.

* * *

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