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Kandium Stars

Kandium Stars

Just a little drafting last night. I found a five-fold version of the six armed star of yesterday (a five pointed star in its center)...but it brings home the idea of when we view a series of numbers as if to divide them by ten (that is 89 and 109) this structure of numbers as if a varied but directed scale is a legitimate way to work with them throughout the wider patterns of numbers.

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I did not find an example of dividing the circle into golden proportions (like the Kandium Star) such that instead of the smaller stars reaching a limit on the arms, or for that matter the Penrose tiles so extended, that they in a sense concentrate toward a singularity or limit in the center of the structure. A unit and flat fivefold star itself can roughly be seen as the circle that describes the internal or external representations of the non-Euclidean geometries.

When we investigate these square root of n, +1, quadratics and their squares the golden section is flat unity (I would imagine these are vectors as linear in any general system of space) But the others differ apparently in multiples of 1/4. Thus at some dimensions these become binary multiples of unity again, and so on.

If we then imagine a lattice of indefinite but self contained scale we can imagine it containing some other geometric structures- say cubes that turned a certain way can fit thru certain holes in the space, that is to in a discrete manner to escape say from the internal or into it or external space at the unit star Unity or Flat Euclidean surface (even is this is a sphere or torus or plane that is abstractly flat. This seems to describe the linear binary points (as in Kea's braids of crossovers) in which a system of particles might have an average escape from some system as well as the mixing of its dimensional star densities. In a senses this is a sort of generalized and minimal percolation model which of course as with Turing's chemical equilibrium ideas may have bearing on organic states.

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In reading Kea's paper I would say she has the general landscape down for my use of quasic coordinates in relation to six space things as in the application to the gene codon of 64 things. Her use of the matrices is very clear and that these, in solving the problem perhaps of a more Machian-Dirac physicality approach where these models of topology and arithmetic apply if not directly then with mirrors of a sort when these matrices operate together in a more general space.

A paper today on her blog list discusses where magic squares fit into the scheme- an idea I posted yesterday but with the further concept that, because of at least the depth and span of internal considerations, that these matrices can be both a source of stability and unity in solutions to integrals as well as a source of instability.

We return again to the three and one ideas much as with the Sudoku cube structures.

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Interesting as closer speculation on opaque (dark or creative objects) but is it that fixed and after all in relation to matter? My fist blush is the the idea of WIMPs is a consummate frivolity of the vague dreams of too concrete a reductionist longing.

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"These are operations on sets... and not necessarily vectors."

I had a stray thought on the logic of surreal numbers, "not greater than or equal to" and which nevertheless describes a system that has a grounding null so that from some view the overall space is in a sense a reality as if positive. So in a sense some of the views on my blog lately are a little more general than the idea of the surreal logic- trans-surreal's. The question is just where initial or final or general null and flat things are if such are creatively included in the models. I note, if I read the notation right, that a lot of this as some variation on interpretative theory goes, is what happens with algebraic expressions of absolute numbers- including when they equal other values that are not absolute. This is an area to be investigated and one that perhaps gives an overall system of how in a still plane individual points might move intelligibly between curves in the graphs- or perhaps we can show this as non-linear and ultimately random. The logic of transsurreal numbers would most likely fit our ideas of mirror symmetry and that of the creative flow or forces by the dense entities of the vacuum such as black holes.

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One of the early names for our candle companies (at first Candice Candle) was the motto Kandium- a coined word meaning radiant more or less. In this crude drawing above the stars should be tilted away from each other a bit and the rays were meant to suggest magnetic lines of force. Later stars were added in golden rectangle proportion, after the red and blue these generally were yellow. The Otto symbol in the red star as a golden area logo since 63, and in the blue star Morse code O T T O for the sense of radio signaling. In the battle ensign the four winged bird of time which is six if you count tail and head (but not an archangel) not spread eagle but perching on the M for Scorpio and the golden star arm theme. All filimbrated in gold.

* * * one of the blogs I follow links to a most interesting paper which seems to be saying things we have all discussed and suggested in these blogs. I welcome a more finite approach to the problem but think it is only the beginning to extending things abstractly to such ideas of vacua and higher dimensions. The E7 ideas are but a steppingstone and the idea of 28 (or 56) involved here especially in relation to E8 is but what is left over of the four dimensional natural case when we focus on the spatial 36 of that region of Conways matrix on the chess board (in quasic arrangement, indeed in the quadratic numbers the squares deviate from unity by .25 increments such that at the binary powers of dimensions we find whole numbers again- this leads to some interesting stars of which we inscribe in them (in reverse shell order from the circumference) This perhaps explains what to do with that part of this that has effects in depth that are only seen or assumed finite for energy.

I begin to think that even on a local positive range of such zero to other light cones including the complex areas- that, just as there are no star honeycombs as in general five fold things in life tend to set individuals away from the collective, that There are no fairy fields at all- perhaps the quantum idea is not quite enough to explain greater mass or momentum in itself- if there is no Higgs why should we not expect a pure theory of superspace even within nuclei and particles in general? This is not to say that the string theorists have not made a great intellectual achievement at least if not a close description to the physics.

Some say the God has determined (before or after the fact in the here or here after) all of our reality, even geometrizes the design potentially intervening from time to time. Others hold that that is an unnecessary hypothesis and the design of the geometry does it all.

Others insist that "God does not play dice with the cosmos." And a fourth direction would say "In the cosmos the dice does not play God, literally." (these folks tend to see things from a more extra-sensory interpretation).

It is good to see the usual notions and tools, a look at at least the types of finite shell structures, and the idea of symmetery and action -action is the dynamic drive that gets magically and squarely between all the competing theories of everything prevalent today- academia may sooner or later catch up with our constellation of bloggers here! Or at least the ideas involved, in difficult symbols but pushing the point a little further by this lady's most excellent paper.

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