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Imperial Physics

Imperial Physics

One of the links I explored yesterday:

Note: in Penrose's first set of aperiodic tiles there are six figures of which in the sense of making a candle mould that can when solidified have the pieces outward expanding or translating instead of impossible to pull out save in a flat unstacked vertical direction, that half of them are self-empires with this restriction.

The idea behind this post, although many theoretical physicists were drawn to study these patterns for something, perhaps coincidence not realized in their appeal- but then the symmetries of the Platonic solids have long been a source of science and mysticism- is that explicitly the vague idea of utilizing geometric structures to try to describe some physical phenomena, even if most abstract, can find a more solid grounding as a possibility and method. The theory is one of depth and is not necessarily a self contained empire stuck in the tessellation of what is asserted logically as a vague ground for a total theory of everything.

Such a purely topological mechanism, within the span of its natural dimensions, would go far to explain, as an alternative theory, how in creative objects like black holes or in the concept of dark or opaque matter, the momenta is transferred in relation to electromagnetic (or other) properties or not.

Recent posts in the blogs I follow raise questions about the top quark- I have long felt and felt this a mistake that somehow this five-ness of things would apply to quarks and that from a wider view the sixth is an implied or different creature- in my poetic mythology of the Olney godhead I did eventually expand these to 8.

This is probably a question of number theory for we can regard an edge as part of the structure, say a pentagon (or any such idea of density of its internal stars) plus the edge leads to a seven sided or pointed structure. Here the idea of primes and pairs of them may be important to consider.

If somehow, in the general representation of numbers on the same integer level as if they are partition numbers then clearly where the shapes are symmetrically square, especially if a magic square, this is a case where as empire these are not stable or are self-restricted matrices- contrary to matrices in general representing stable solutions to integral equations.

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Footnote to yesterday's post: I find it interesting historically that Einstein considered the Brownian motion in relation to gravity and how it showed up in different levels of a jar of liquid to the values.

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I find today a most interesting post from march 08, 2011 linked to Kea's blog and on Michael Rios pages: http://uduality.blogspot.com/ http://arxiv.org/abs/1103.1014

I find it of course intricate in the symbols and language but the conclusions of which this paper is talking about string and twistor theory and so on... seems to be along the same lines as I have here talked about.

At the coffee shop from time to time I talk a little biochemistry with someone raised near Princeton whose parents were part of the academic seen, indeed he has met many of the Nobel Laurette's of the era while young and brings these up if it fits the conversation- for example in this issue today of gastrointestinal bypass and diabetes and the laser mapping of insulin it came up that if subatomic phenomena were involved in the biochemistry it was probably related to the genetics- "Well, I was thinking a little about that yesterday and the spirit of it is right even when we go on to deeper laws that make the earlier prizes a little thin in retrospect- you thought is a good suggestion for breakthrough research."

He replied after asking me for an example of such ideas over time- certainly the first ideas on how the nucleus was held together, before quarks I told him. Then he made this point: "But these abstract ideas such as do parallel lines intersect, which should a carpenter believe if he has to make you a door?"

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Again, scientists, forgive my lapse of reductionism here but when I first came to the blogspots my selections were quite at random in some cases simple blogs to keep up a little with Spanish and Portugese, art and of course some of the science including cheese and turtles. One such interesting blog I found most interesting:


Part of creativity is trying to make sense of such worldviews- I see he too has posted the Pythagorean Snail and is excited about the sciencedaily new ideas on music article. The spike to so called collective psyche experience and the recent Japanese tsunami I find the usual intriguing claims- but what if there are such connections that are explained by the newer science? I do not mean this idea of UFO's and all, ghosts, what have you in the nature of theories of mind and perception or even those special people, prolific and with focused insights, savants.

So the news the other day shows lights in the sky spooking a small town in Arizona. The video made artistic inclusions from recent alien movies of which one could not tell if it were a spoof or a matter of entertainment.

It is not shown at all that certain things like the moon closer contributes to the earthquakes and so on... this is still an unpredictable gray area. But how can I not form an idea, fanciful, of three lights in the sky making triangles when I am deep into speculation on geometry of triangles. Perhaps these are some sort of singularities that fall our of some more general adjustments in a more and seemingly magical space- perhaps they are magical. The underlying application of such notions as metaphysics or geometry are still a mystery of sorts as to how we organize our perceptive realities. It is too easy to place a theme on the music of the sphere with a vague general concept like all is mind- or is it? I mean we still as scientists cannot dismiss meanings of a vague religious depth, if we are honest. Reality, in end full of neutral currents sometimes forces the triangulations of our minds.

I will say this, that sometimes I do feel we have collective dreams. Certainly in Jung's thermodynamic model of the psyche, perhaps from an industrial age mindset, such ideas at least in the short range seem to expand a bit into seeing the future and not from a mystical foundation. I think it was not since three mile island that I had a dream like last week of being caught in a dark rain of nuclear fallout. I had not paid too much attention the disaster in Japan far to large to truly get my head around but many more of the unstable around me seemed deeply concerned as if this was the greatest reality in their news and many more lately have asked me if they think the world was coming to an end in general.

Have we not noticed the animals act strangely before quakes? When I awoke I did not feel the dream was as intense as earlier ones and I found myself asking- Was the New Japan worth it? Have we not benefited from her achievements even if she is gone? But this question is true of any empire that lives and builds for its day when perhaps we should listen more to our intuitions as far as we can see into the future.
This seems too to be the general trends of our political parties, at what cost do we protect or use our environment for the individual or those to come? But you know this already (like so much of news is just an indifferent product that tends to say their view is the decisive one in a general mindset of history and certain laws). The question is, especially for our young, have you had any such dreams of the deeper terrors always unexpected but well known of the day?

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