Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quasi-orientation Space Principles

In search of the fundamental as an active idea that connects to the brand whether the fundamental wave equation exists or not that grounds the boundaries of the universe. Are we connected or not to these hidden symmetries of hidden spaces? I am convinced that the healing of minds or evolving of them goes through the realms of concepts and consciousness to more, and that the road to healing is a meditation on the varieties of geometry beginning with space and four space, improvised topology of which we distinguish the folding or extension of space- we ourselves and in ourselves the outer influences of decoherence. But for ideas if one finds oneself on both sides of the questions in a debate on physics or politics it should be taken as evidence that we have not comprehended enough to make clear the problem as to what is right and what a matter of propaganda, and what in ourselves is the real case as far as what grounds us culturally and collectively and concretely in some arrangement of multiverse.

(i) an interval, linear in dimension, bounded by the edges of a one sided surface connected to another such surface preserves the one sided-ness over the combined surfaces and is smoothly invariant with respect to its identity embedded in two or three dimensions and between them ambiguously so interpreted.

(ii) a one sided surface folded on itself such that one boundary is open and one closed at the fold, its endpoints the boundary of the interval (interpreted as a linear and temporally independent dimension ordered so or not; if then this doubled surface is cut perpendicular to the interval, the whole surface is cut in half and at the edge of the closed boundary, throughout, and divides the surface into two rings (not one). These hard to express but simple statements begin with the consideration of a Klein's bottle composed of two Moebious strips and gets around the idea that in three space there is concrete self intersection.

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