Monday, November 2, 2009

Quasitransfinite Statististics

In the back of my mind last night I thought that these recent concepts of the quasi infinite and finite (thus the quasitransfinite) could be formulated as a sort of statistics and with the aleph's and boundary concepts like that of Boltzman and his gasses could be shored up as mathematical proofs. I also dreamed of something like a mouse (a turtle actually) which worked to do some of the arrangements and computations. It all seems to me to connect in the model to ideas of baby universes in evolution yet like the gamma ray bursts at the end of our visible world things can have such a quasic coordinate sphere averaging or in the case of other parallel and organic like systems (after all we sometimes are part of other minds in a sort of Spotted Cow Universe or chimera of near souls in the entropy.

I find it ashame that the old sciencechat-philosophychat forum did not consider any of these ideas as new but are stuck in the gray past of what can be the great new colors of science. Yet between the maya (with juna the yin and yang and a third stuff of the world in Hindu with a positive arrow of being)the maya is usually translated as illusion but technically means measure or measurement. I mean when scientist speak of metaphysics they may appear very foolish (unfortunate in the continuity of my conversation they removed most from metaphysics and buried it into odds and ends thread- they cannot bury the truth and eternal truths in all of us. BTW for those who would datamine my creativity there my pics will be posted here eventually as they do not link in the new forum format (save perhaps by some zit faced so called scientist who linked all my newscientist articles to the one on how to use Tampax to study std's. Let us strive for better science sites. Not also the argument today on the blog I follow The Reference Frame on the common sense interpretation of quantum theory.

I am a little under the weather ( did they light up the LHC or something, we are all in a creative funk lately?) I should not have expected creativity from the forum in retrospect- nor that we have faith enough in our kind and nation to further a compromise between the sphere of diversity and immutability as a matter of measured pragmatism instead of ideology.

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