Friday, November 27, 2009

The Improvised Universe

Here a sketch of quasi-false color to distinguish more the nature of the cosmic background data. Much as in music, the loudness and frequency as a subjective factor and that of the subjective in color perception, we set here the group ideas and yet adjust the frequency (for those technically in the know) to 262.5 or C = Red-Orange so that the tuning is balanced to our innate recognition of a fundamental frequency via the harmonics even if such a frequency is not there. Not also the inverse of the spectrum is not adjusted such that the binary information of the tritone is the true complementary of which I would like to find if we can find at least a uniform color perception space- then again the point is, at least in matters of light, that we can have certain other designations of what is the primary due to the bit depth. Also, as if the just scale we find the golden ratio suggested as a matter of the quadradic space.

In thinking of how my roommate and I could make some money (that is enough to live on at least- to become shall we say: Thousand-aires, I looked over some materials to make say the models of geometric things as an educational tool- and thought about micro mechanical wheels spun by polarized light (analogous to the eddies upon approaching by a magnet to a metal disc) the goal of which is not the spin as much as the reduction of the impulse in some direction that collectively this reduces the apparent weight of an object (not less than zero) - then again something on the sciencechat came up involving small wheels and nanotech- I am not that much of an engineer to feel these ideas have applied merit but I do get a very optimistic feeling of what new technology awaits us if we want to use it and find more rational theories to contain the conflict of what is subjective and objective, human and machine. Life delayed in the cycle- well, is that not the principle of the gasoline engine of Otto in reference to the laws of heat and efficiency?

Perhaps, if the Creator is, He is at least a Jazz musician- only we cannot distinguish the decibels of the stray bits of white noise when the brightness is turned down on the television of photons from the big bang, let alone their color or even the more exotic warps and spirals and looping time of their spin. Perhaps.

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