Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quasic Multi-teleoscoping Principle

A higher quasic dimension can map (hypothesis) uniquely multiple paths (as if a neuro-network) of lower quasic dimensions where these are "flanged" into an actual natural dimensional path.

* We can imagine the general interaction of cloud-like regions we can interpret as particles.

* The quasic algorithms may interpret and make more rational micro-algorithmic methods and view.

* On this level we may describe alternative and absolute parallel paths, predict and see them.

* Quasic time is different from other theories and forms of time.

* By quasic we mean here teleoscoping through relaxed possibilities actualized and so on to create an organized (entropic?) region or cloud of the interactions of data.

* There is a direct (in three and four natural space) relation to an evolving universe or discorce of gene encoding quasicontinuous or quasifinite or not.

* We should not always separate the complex wave phase space and classical configuration like spaces, octonians and quaterions as ideas have not be quasically considered int he unfoldings.

* It is still not clear if quasi and natural algorithms applied to a physical organism is in unity with or independent of mental models.

* Quantum ideas are not sufficiently powerful or complete enough to decisively describe, save interpreted after the fact what we regard as supernatural or not real including the idea of time beginning or not for the wave equation of the universe.

Note: I will post the poem after all and with extensive commentary that seems to have awakened these theoretical thoughts. Truth Fought for Needs Fear No Phantoms which continues into ideas or footnotes more concerning the level of human beliefs and social states---this forthcoming as soon as the ideas are organized bursting now the margins of the paper (actually back of scrap paper that contained some rather interesting and now understood Eastern prayers and sutras of my roommate) The poem begins (thanx for the Einstein picture link followed blogger):

There are as many universes as there are
photos of Einstein, his hand on the
Tesla coil; his hair charged, hedgehog explosions

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