Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ten Favorite Things the Seamstress asked

Ten Favorite Things the Seamstress asked that Made us Happy L. Edgar Otto 11-18-11

The profuse stars at night

Her soul through the obscuring curtains at her shower

Forgotten taste of simple foods combined and rediscovered from childhood

Freckles and red hair

Flags of the world and other pure minimal art

The sound of the guitar when you first pick it up to play after a long time

When some people tell me my words made a difference
to them and I caught them happy

Awakening to the sense of life, its fragility and knowing
we survived and will despite the chill of night one with sunrise

That I have to notice sometimes that I am not sick
nor that the heat and cold more than we can deal with

Yes, and to go where no man has gone before...

* * *

Other Bookmarks 11-19-09

The joy, and yes the sadness, of the first snow

The first cry and my words in reply to my newborn recognized

The awakening, sensing nightfall, of a thousand points
of light in succession around the solitary evening star

The smell of sour sap you test to believe again
on your hand that caged a June bug

The mummy inside discovered in a fallen butterfly
not just colored folding planes of paper

The overwhelming sting of the bumblebee, I made still until the pain passes,
stepped on barefoot; friction burning running through the dewy grasses

Firefly's smashed glow that smells of yellow green light;
mosquito bits you resist to scratch so not to lead to blood, make sore

The transparent beating heart of pond snail jelly through my
red eyes and toy microscope

The symphony of changing church bells Sunday morning as I
descend from the mountain down to the Zurich Zee

Sculpting clouds and painting sunsets, calling up the
storms when others can see it

Recalling the rare and deep reality of transcended moods and
moments only felt or forgotten by themselves...

* * *

Collecting Imaginary Parts of Thought's Equations: 11-18-09

From the conceptual physics view and considering we have wave particle duality, matter viewed either way and distinctly as a possibility of existing in forms that do or do not recognize velocity but acceleration for example, why are we surprised of the dark influences of either energy or mass being there or for that matter ideas of multiversal decoherence as dark flow linked to initial cosmic beginnings?

The difference then between quantum and classical effects for me a quasic thing (see recent articles on the sciencechatforum and and our reference frame blogspot), the indefinite but extensive boundaries, that our general idea of what is multiverse and universe is a unified phenomenon we can take the leap to understand beyond our current mathematical limitations (and yes expertise, Lincoln) finding these deeper unities, st abilities of which our biases, left and right brains not fragmented but rationally dynamic and dialectical capable of evaluating some scientific or cultural truth (yes Lincoln, how to distinguish what we believe or do not believe is behind the curtain Oz!) This may not mean we place finer definition to leveled identities, fractally complex or otherwise - not in any cas as to rely only on chance variation measurement around its limited statistical framework and especially the unities unrecognized and beautifully designed ergonomics of what some suspect are super- and/or internal symmetries to be found.

* * *

Clearly we need to deal with the non-linearity of the situation with the melody trace and silences of paths where there are more curves in a plane than lines and that more than the infinity of points on a line and so on... not just a smooth change in the plane as if our intuition of continuity- but the quasic plane as well which does negotiate the quantum and classical fronts of event and physics change. But of all these math things at one time or the other some have questioned these new procedures- comically and tragically and violently for some historically.

* * *

A note to readers if you got this far: This blog which the sciencechanceforum would have relegated me to as a blog is not their's- consequently it was not meant as a place to discuss or censor my more obscure styles of writing or necessarily for general readership. So the poems also are for the more down to earth readers although it was not evidence apparently to the philosophychatforum that I was capable of clear on varied thought.

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