Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cyberspace Days of Silence (and Linear Measure of Quasic Distances Fractally)

An Ottonian Rant with a Rocket Flag
(Of hope for new American enterprise)

I have been practicing and playing a lot in the open mikes and have not been around the coffee shop and cyberspace that much. I am in a period of lesser creativity which reaches highs and downs in the confidence that I can sing and play. That and the insanity of the news both on the right and left- So there are to be no homeless veterans by 2010? I think I heard that said of 2003 did I not? In any case I chewed out the Eau Clare county service officer today after his remarks concerning ft hood yesterday. He just laughed at me. Guess they want everyone drugged up and they refuse to see the actual danger of the wingnuts (whatever their race or nationality). Allah Akbar to all those politically correct army shrink wounded types who are selling our nation and its citizens and own minorities, and yes its Veterans- down the drain. I don't know he did over there in Nam, get high? But for me I did not want to stand before our flag receiving an air medal for shooting anything in sight for a body count. All I wanted was a little school, a job, a place to live, something meaningful to do with and for others maybe a business where we actually make something real- At least not have to grow numb to rotting teeth- btw where is my so called tax refunds and stimulus? One day they will not give us the luxury of simply leaving us alone. And the universities are at the top of the in effect conspiricy to undermine the balance and fairness of our democratic nation- Yell at your service officer then Pro Republica- for our founders were not primitive and our Gods or lack of them not just an empty crying ascetic punishing space with less than modern hormones and fake oak leaves on their shoulders. I want to go to school as promised me- not have to stand in line for Columbian drug dealers and Iraqi and Iranian students and UAE engineers (damn our nation needs its own engineers and especially our own biochemists) who obviously work to undermine our free society despite the Bureau's cover up of what they did in our small town- let us not be silenced while we can still speak freely.

* * *

One thought of a couple of days ago wast that the actual measure of the length of curves in a quasic plane to higher degrees of resolution leads to a more profound definition of what continuity is and what sort of calculus we need to describe it. There are obvious applications especially to cyber graphics and other calculations.

* * *

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