Monday, November 23, 2009

The Corn and Red Winged Black Birds

I have been practicing music a lot, my fingers sore and am almost lost into theory of some sorts. I will post some of these experiments somewhere sooner or later. I also have this idea of some computer applications which seem to go beyond what we have applied of music theory- for one thing to my ears chords do not resolve at the octave but at twice that- and we can extend these principles in a non-linear or quasic way much as we seem to restrain ideas of time (a good article on this today in the reference frame blog I follow) In a sense things resolve into the three and four fold quasic states or dimensions of chords but that does not end but shows the boundaries of the matter (and perhaps matter itself) as for my color encoding that came from layer candle ideas it seems to me that my long question of finding the compliments (that is color theory) was indeed a hard one that no one understood what I was asking. The tempered scale applies to color too in these models but when we try to find the equivalents of Crayola 24 pack crayons it seems to me we have to deal for computer applications with at least 384 or 96 arrangements as some sort of group theory. The same number (after all 196 was Plato's music number)seems to apply to how we make integral the integrals of the twelfth root of two applied to the timing of things digitally- for example the sampling scale of DVD masters.

Soon I will no longer visit the science philosophy chat forums and have a copy as of last week of all the things there in the code in case anyone else is interested. And soon we will set up the art domains of which these cornflowers is to be the symbol of wisdom as they first came up with the old Bright Acres candle company.

Happy Holidays- I did post a rather deep and obscure psychological poem (damn, there are so many depressed people around me caught up in these times so some of it is to try to understand their mental states and know why they knowing this does not help them. So I myspace I posted The Law and Ghostly Entanglements ( ) which makes some connections of which I may use as I suggested here in a novelette The Purple Foxglove. I also wrote a piece I did not post today as I am not sure how it would be received as if it was not stated well- I may post it later but the heart of it is the theme we each determine our world in the end and can shield it from the realities possible by the plans of others- that is if we are awakened to it. This especially true of all the political struggles and imagined conspiracies in the world, But I am not sure what question I am asking here clearly enough yet.

Just how close when we are sensitive to the paranormal do we dwell and interfere in each others paths and heads? Lately I have kept my blinds closed sensing the distress of many chance encounters with the lady across the way who looks up at me when I am playing or writing. It is annoying to have to walk the other way, a little longer but so far our paths have not crossed. I am not sure why our very irregular schedules went in sync. But you see the blinds were significant in the foxglove story and my writings were about how we see and are seen in the various physics as a theme. The themes of the poetry and the coincidences of it all and the pale analogs to what is destiny or creators are finished for now as complete as I think they can be- then again we do make our own ultimate realities.

The people on the blogs I follow and did so mostly at random are rather interesting and quite remarkable and I am sensitive to their influence as we all are when we are exquisitely sensitive to life - usually rare moments- as if we are in true first love.

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