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Unified Systems as the TeslaScope

Unified Systems as the TeslaScope

L. Edgar Otto     Sunday, 07 July, 2013

We learn from nature the structures of nature's intelligible design, a point Tesla made and was an inspiration from his general views and discoveries in electricity.

I propose a series of simple experiments now hinted at by the new possibilities applying in thought our new theories.  From the view of Tesla fields around his coils, the complexity but similarity of direct or inductive electric laws, his field that may be an indicator of deeper structures, thus joining our probes of nature as if a micro or telescope, the holographic view as well presumed hidden symmetries fractally read - that which in its own contraints of theory matches that of strings in abstract and organic chemistry in the concrete to which geometry among the ideas of mathematics can measure.

Of a central light in such a field we may transfer the power to other places far from the filed.  Is this not the hint of what we observe as if an organization of space itself as if ball lightning?  So what happens if around the surrounding lights they have surrounding they also take from the central whole? Is this situation not a question of the reality or existence of higher dimensions in the usual sense as well that from a view of our reasoning on super symmetries?

What beyond the confines of three space would an array of gyroscopes do in spin, react, be still to all right angles to the higher dimension- that the nonlinear idea defining conservation of momentum so expressed in angles?

Yet if the information is carried in a deeper form like the DNA or RNA that finds the nodes and focus at a distance within an organism so to physically travel and stand on its point combinational superposition's and local sense of specific paths and directions- would the light not travel to specific paths so as to change the amount of light, perhaps encoded as to its colors like the stars?  The asymmetry of such distinctions of our grounding views that is the half illusion of forces that moves things over chirality and time and in the end defines what the unified view regards as mass and gravity as constants change and vary over innate time.

Our minds, its expression and development of consciousness, plasticity of growth or pausing in growth, the general flow or counter flow of theories and civilization can be seen as such a holographic teslascope at least to that beginning of complexity, that half contained yet reaching out of where such information goes.  Clock time does not save us from the differences of relativity as deeper mirrors of fissures in the landscape debate our ideas of ancient motion or of rest, nor does the relativity saves us from the discrete steps of the march of time.

More than what accelerates and what does not in our twin paradoxes we do not always match the deeper mirrors of what in the same description of vectors exists between objects as forces or from one object to another.  In effect although we rather than nature abhor an empty vacuum more so do not wanting to see or resolving to but one breath our single photon once know so half fear, we ask the wrong question as to how long or what measure in us and the universe our own lifetime.  Time so understood will be radically different from our historical speculations.

Of course we could use the quasic field as flat space or branes to indicate, decode the three space, weigh the differences from the neutral photons of light.  This I proposed at the beginnings of this blog.  But how may we in the natural dimensions of three space observe the more hidden particles directly, ghostly infered the neutrino momenta or its change of generations.  If we may conclude our sun will not explode thereby do we not also show the earth a dynamic system to which its changes shift and are complex as with that distinction of planets and question of the origin of life we find still levels of greater complexity?

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As I have been saying, as we see what natures design tells us, and on my viXra comments.

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a little later, perhaps this is a major understanding of fields from the electron symmetry perspective- for can we not see the sun as a dynamic Tesla not the difference in fission and fusion of  the elements a rise to less or more stability as to what materially predominates?  Now, by what twist of logic of which the current logic seems the contradiction can we measure such centers or nodes of stability such that we can have clear graphs to plot this innate matter antimatter difference in more general logic that must seem the far out logic- especially one asks the structural energy questions in terms of macro and mico physics?

Again, Kikergaard, "to the corkscrew the knife is crooked"  How then does nature distinguish them and which is favored or primary?  We experience time as if it is a confetti of explosions or if it is at absolute rest when it is to such dynamic systems we find abstract quasi-singularity centering... If our minds and consciousness work like this and deviations rather rare we can ask in still a higher paradox of indiscernment and indistinguishibility why the world moves in a direction or if our thoughts are so moving into these theoretical matters do they have any substance, quasi-purpose, limitedly defining conscousness at all?

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Facebook status inspired by NPR posts --- I was thinking of applying to go to school again just to have some credentials that in dialog lack of them is not held against me as I see in the mean spirited and narrow way the chaos of virtual action, the social gravity of it, leads to a marginalization of the people- save those in arbitrary elite power who deny an open access to our collective history and wisdom in the sciences including access to one's own original work.  I press the button to post the following with only the regret that I probably could have said it better.  In my day it was unthinkable we would spy on our own citizens and if we are to believe our leaders then is not the war officially over as well the suspension on that count in this paradox in our constitution Einstein pointed out?  I am not saying in this rant like post that the situation is hopeless or unmanageable... some could see tattoos for example as evidence of commitment in a world were one is not allowed to be neutral on many issues...but what is left save the arming of the people or the awakening to the fact that in the chaos the observers can be observed too, and just like our hibernation by the peaceful law abiding, these are blind to how they can be manipulated while they are asleep.  I doubt they will ever let me into school, not to find perhaps what is not there but to give back what good given to me and to posterity, to make it perhaps a little better at least suggest it do more than give lip service in its mask of ideals:

In and open society we should approach the differences of real life and virtual life interactions.  NPR just posted along these lines which is an issue of privacy needing exploration.  The difference was one of regrets for actions (statements, thoughts, statuses) in virtual postings and in real life regrets for inaction - what we did not disclose to others about our states of mind.  Since when does a virtual medium justify judgement from our thoughts and not our actions.  Where is the body evidence in a crime?  Can we profile people for what they may think then do and does that justify a social intervention before the facts.  How good was the security system anyway in the prevention of individual acts of violence.
In real life there is no difference if say we regret (or in sociology 40% regret) tattoos for these seem permanent or difficult to change, remove.  But is it any less virtual that branded by a physical action the police amplifying the right by minor charges photograph your tattoos for a data base of identification?  Our watchers or public media such as NPR cannot distinguish what sorts of action their own postings may come to haunt them (or their funding) with regret.  Sociology like this is not science but data collection for questionable interpretations by people with hidden identities if any, the formality that tries to justify the hangman's duty or evil thoughts behind a mask.
One publication by NPR links to the common myths some so easily or publicly accept that our constitution just does not fit nor the founders could foresee the needs of a more modern era.  But it seems clear in science as well what we understand that real and virtual system of our brain development that among the chaos of fragmented decorations that we can only see into the future to the extent we can see into our past. If our identities or reality exist because some sentient being sooner or later in time sees but one spark of our light then God is said to ground our reality... but those who understand this idea of God cannot by universal observation establish the reality of themselves as if to invent an all powerful, omnipresent, all knowing deity.  At least it cannot stand fooling all the people all of the time.

"If my thought dreams could be seen they would probably put my head in a guillotine..."   Bob Dylan

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I should add on viXra Phil started and new thread on the the open access to science publication debate and this is also an important issue to me as to what of virtual books we have access to in the public library.  On top of all this what good is the technology if our intellectual work can vanish from the virtual cloud?  You see, social gravity is as difficult to do without better physics and mathematics as is what we feel is physical gravity to expand or explain.  Action and Inaction in both the virtual and real worlds needs a deeper level of unification and comprehension.  It is at least a multidimensional and developing set of dialectics.

"When I hear the world "culture"  I reach for my gun..."  A. Hitler
"Communism is soviets and electrification."  V. Lenin

How remarkable the internet has given new life to the old age of ideologies!


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