Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Through Time's Discontinuities

Through Time's Discontinuities

L. Edgar Otto   Tuesday, 09 July, 2013

The unity of our spirit and soul embedded in time over the span of a lifetime depends on the presence of all past events that can survive structures of discontinuity or at least allow that these pass by us in influence as if a careful walk over thin ice over a chasm.  Simply, to be a whole person in relation to the universe one has to acknowledge or accept what events still present form the special development of our psyches.  This is not a measure in itself of some absolute given or fact of natural law, reduced to the dynamics of the general flow of time as if at some level the dynamics of a star.  

For although the balance or mirror of our actions may not be seen or accessible in walls of memory or physical media of its storage in our depth and color within an adaptable private range of shifing variables and dimensionless constants we can have different eras between the discontinuity and the sum totals to which our comprehension and understanding of the world may seem from some level or span of views that some of us in what can be seen or gleaned of our existence over time, are failed stars. 

The sun is alive as we are and we do not just store its light... we amplify it.

Yet by default we may navigate the colors and shadows of this world, style uniquely its creative force as the origin of mysterious words or the possibilities within ourselves that we may guide the landscape of our navigation.  So to find wholeness thru quasifinite time in the quasi-finite universe of our selves, others, and what of direction we imagine as life's purpose both as sacred or profound.  Our time can only be measured or extended by our sense of the depth and span of our creative efforts.  Not our illusions of limits or fears in this world of the concepts of immortality that keeps our earthy souls half chained and our painting of our days half truths as if that is what it takes to face the immensity or our sense of the meaningless mundane.

Our minds in our era, in its complexity, both privately and collectively, resembles the evolution and structure of galaxies more so than the idea of a planet, star or simple particle in its simplicity as nature finds its focus in the now thru portals source and sinks of the creative quasars.

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