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Higgy Biological Conjugation

Higgy Biological Conjugation

L. Edgar Otto     Wednesday, 31 July, 2013  03:14:32

I offered you a speculation that after awhile joins the successive list of abstract principles, hard to see, by which I show how to erect a new theory.  But if you can see the truth or beauty of this particular design then you will know it is but a beginning of which there is a lot to be done.

I apologize I have not read in detail the bulk of your posts being in the middle of technological problems of which I am not sure whose fault it is that we have to sacrifice content for a confusing evolution of models.  Certainly what confronts us is the issue that applies to the frontiers of theories of consciousness but the general question here is how life seems to arise in the universe and if all such laws are unique or in a sense arbitrary.  Consciousness in a limited sense if not a product of one of several possible and viable designs for an individual I merely hold as an overview in the expression of natural laws, a poetic condensing of meaning. 

It should become clear that the laws for particle physics and for biology which certainly seems to need the complexity of string theory at least and the stability of the standard theory of grand unification that the encoding of things, as I show, is the same
sorts of laws- as far as we now see also the same matters of logic and mathematics.

We can say the Higgs as such, even by the processes of elimination, has been discovered but it is more a dynamic description implying much more rather than merely the grail of unified theory.  By consideration of counting alone we see that the Higgs entity balances the equations such that it may act in a particular system that in probability casually or as directed causation for a given landscape, that an analog exists for such a Higgs entity wherein as in the gene code it can act both as an initiator and a terminator codon on many material levels over a given sequence of proximity or distance of events.

By the quasic brane, with its ideas of expanding or the illusion of expanding diagonal information within an indefinite boundary, with its vertical or horizontal reductions of notation  Feynman-like, we also mean as transitive over quasifinite shifting similarity and quasi-entanglement expanding identity as a more general concept than simple unity we also mean the reduced surface of a sphere as well.

For most of our mathematical physics principles these can be extended or expanded and in different forms apply parallel or identical interpretations.  In not reading part of the vixra blog and with limited access to the net and time I have to say I do not know what the G-string concept mentioned here is all about.  All string formulation seems to stand, like the Euclidean and Non-Euclidean geometries to logically rise or fall together.

By conjugation I mean the mirroring and merging of some aspects of these principles as in complex numbers on one hand and paramecia on the other.

Is it unreasonable to imagine life in terms of duality or beyond in higher n-ality as an assembly code when we can ask of black holes "where does the information go?"  If you can show this wrong I welcome the addressing the issue as well promise to be grateful for my own enlightenment.  If this is closer to the truth of things then surely it would be a benefit where algorithms can arise as we tinker with the germ and stem we are in the life sciences.

I think this frontier or boundary between the physics if it applies virtually or to energy as hardware tells us we can do many more things than lesser views of the physics allow as we try to stand on a position.  Our being in the world connects or not in the real and in the virtual dream.  But I do understand and have reservations when I begin to foresee just how soon and how far our world with change with such ideas and wonder as we all do if the science is a good thing as well how can ignorance of what will somewhere be known and done will work in the main against us.  What is free or sold as a belief on either side of the forms of old physics is perhaps a political decision fit only for the rewards of the new physics world.

* * * * *   QED

posted to viXra blog:
 Having offered you a speculation as theory model building, and getting used to the sense of it… I extended the idea into what I tentatively call Higgy Biological Conjugation… if you care to refute, read, or add to the wide and dramatic new idea of such physics. The photos at my blog http// include a general statement concerning this dynamic mechanism in relation to questions here on life’s rarity and universe, the numerology of maximum symmetry groups, the idea of complex conjugation over the octonions in the photo of the spider suspended on the hidden strings of web as a physical idea at least of subconscious and perhaps some relation to “nightmare scenarios”. The duck asleep suggests to me the Klein's bottle and all that implies in code reading or intersection of the two Moebius strips, knots and so on. At last an arrangement of magenta flowers in acknowledgement of hope in the future of physics and praise for your flower words that is also a passion and joy as pure poetry.

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