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Higgslet Complexes, Quasi-Locality, and Super-Ramsey Structural Graph Theory

Higgslet Complexes

L. Edgar Otto  July 20, 2013

I suggest Robert, that conceptually there is not only discrete numerology but continuous numerology.  What charge is or any concept of a filled thus absolute vacuum (as nature's most likely tweaking to such quasifinite values) is thus a measure of a general system of dimensionless spin.

If we understand this then we may find broken duality as a broken conceptual symmetry which can be exact... for the Higgs we can say part of the neutral structure in fractional charges is a separate linearly added Higgs-like mass complex- let us call this the Higgslet after the numerology of trying to understand a proton as an ensemble of quarks, of gluons or leptons... an analogy to neutrinos (not the Higgsino concept in the terminology) to find the proton spin.

By the shear count of exact or shifting zeros that involve groups in binary we may say there are gaps in the transition between Dirac or Eddington dimensionless concepts if we merely try to fit them into wave or scalar ideas respectively.

Clearly, the 2592 zeros of the Higgs gauge background can be broken down into 2048 + 512 + 32... this is short of the 240 + 8 of the Monster group... in fact  (36 x 36)-(36)/2 may represent the alternative physics system count of which between the Higgslet and the Higgs in these somewhat higher numbers differ by but one.

Otherwise, and beyond the quantum limits of electron charge system stability...136  we would observe the Higgs as a particle as 182 rather than 125 and that leaves the all important combinatorial view of 56 or 57 or so as the not directly observable Higglet...  Kea's braids can also be an intrinsic part of physics which imagines the numerology of string theory.

Now, is there anyone who may want to post a long clever paper or statement to suggest the Higglets of themselves would explain the mass we imagine as dark matter?  We should not depend only on experiment evidently as proof nor make statements in theory without showing the steps of presumably a sufficiently general fine tuning of our reasoning.

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L. Edgar Otto  (the PeSla)

Structurally, the count of the quasifinite echoes of quasic similarity can be seen over a range in three space effects that add intelligibly arithmetically.  In particular the three general solids in higher dimensions, the orthogon, anorthogon, and simplex add to 26 with a singularity center that can make 27 or with a half joker the triangular number 28.

From a more general view we find multiples of 27 such as the all important 108 or we may understand as the 3x3 labeled color matrix shifts the intelligible relationship to the 4D 384.

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Update Footnote:

I am off line as of July 25 or so... I imagined if I were to post on viXra I would offer this speculation as a comment rather then the usual brilliant theories the posters continue to promote from there own individual perspective.  I would also include a poem called Burma an example of how principles may a the foundations of philosophy and religion also be of a similar grounding and reasoning.

But in the end even if as far as the arguments for fine tuning for life forms that coincidentally seem relevant to the grounding of the universe in that we can understand this as a major concern or not for our daily living- that we know a coherent and intelligible explanation as a general science- the magic and mystery remains... and it seems to do so despite the models which suggest a view of consciousness as primary rather than something a little more complicated to give us a grounding for new society and physics.

Clearly, the conceptual frame here would suggest we have to deal in a more general level the ideas of singularity and the structural echoes of them in a more general space. (in poetic terms  Higglets, gluonlitters... the wall of boundaries to which we rest our ground and directions of time and processes so to define inertia as a wider interpretation of mass and gravity.) 

In the example of Buddha as a science emphasizing the middle way or compromise physics of grounding in the now and earth we may finally understand the idea toward the enlightenment of the masses for wisdom that the replicated copies of the Buddha filling the universe and leveling the intermediate steps of a caste arrangement of disciplines and duties in a civilization was not a mystical saying not understood in its centuries of sharing but a source for a sober scientific description of the world, in the world, and what little of infinite wisdom that seems left to explore, perhaps beyond the world. One thing under the Bhoda tree this ordinary soul achieved in his time was the myth of reincarnation equivalent to what we imagine as recapitulation designs or doctrines of evolution.

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July 26/27, 2013

Lubos had an interesting post... closer perhaps to the long standing theories above (posted here earlier now for a couple of years in the colloquial alphanumeric notation and
in agreement with the spirit of Rowlands metaphysically as well the spirit but not the descriptive science of standard theory).  In particular in matters of conjugation the idea of supersymmetry in this narrow view vanishes if we allow the idea of that which is expressed in the principle of renormalization and conversely.  This is the case where the idea of infinity meets the idea of indefinite extent in a quasifinite reality depending on what entities we assign the interpretation of the algebra.

The description of the Casmir effect is such a conjugate system as Rowlands points out- his nilpotent idea of Dirac is after all one of more emphasis on the zero point energy over the wave formulation...those as conjugate.  Now, clearly when the vacuum is defined as space (in a principle of its infinite filling) we extend it to define the vacuum as filled space minus the fermion.  Or his view that empty space is created with the creation of a muon.  His physics does not allow the characterization of nature in principle but as a principle this need generalization and a wider scope than the idea of a quasi-causality against what is derived as absolute between the quantum or relativistic physics so as to relate to time proper and its relation to the second thermodynamic law.  In general the new physics will give us a more satisfied and thus more local or existential perspective with a wider enlightenment of what grounds the shear fact of our existing, as determined or somehow statistical in rarity of our sense of coincidence and counting- that is the answer now which we understand as perplexing as to why mathematics applies to the world and just how well it may do so as currently imagined.



is the example colored above if A is red-orange.
We can compute a vaster array of such particle algebras to which its periodic table beyond the god for sure periodic table makes our current list a mere hint or suggestion as we hope to fill it with exotic elements or new anomalous principles.

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Axiom of Quasi-choice
L. Edgar Otto  (the PeSla)

29 July, 2013

Gravity waves
Many paths the real
Collapse into one choice
Messages in Klein's bottles
Indefinite Infinity
Dimensionless constants transfinite
Sleeping ducks hide their necks inside their wings

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Note... Ramsey graph theory as action-reaction as well as subjective implications of spin theory perception as a poem  pending...

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