Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Variegated Calculus and Alternative Interpretations of Wildcard Non-necessity of Physical Uncertainty

Variegated Calculus and Alternative Interpretations of
Wildcard Non-necessity of Physical Uncertainty

L.  Edgar  Otto         17 July, 2013

Coast to Coast last night had a show on Tesla which was unusually clear as to the claims of his place in history and theories contrary to the usual stance toward the paranormal and conspiracy speculations. I find it remarkable that in the debate between quantum field theory and zero point energy as to how they apply the logic involving the discrete and the absolute in the calculus of variations I reached some of the same conclusions to which I find it amazing our top physicists and engineers do not know the solid history and literature. Let us not underestimate the saints of American Inventors for many of the principles of one or the other of these core views are devices you now use more than a century later. But as to why some of Tesla's inventions did not work that needs a new physics, a calculus of variegation's more than one of variation. The solution goes back to the wildcard paradoxical logic involved as to what is zero or one, one or many, and less than a wider vision the ideas of chaos can be harnessed to support contradictory views as to the universes fundamental nature, the idea of an aether or vibrating field vacuum or not... the charging docks and smartphones and way to make profit from them were imagined long ago by Tesla. But why cannot Higgs-like entities break into eight gluon-like ones of broken super-symmetry?

L. Edgar Otto This idea of causation implied by relativity viewed as continuous time from one end of this conceptual spectrum or a totally discrete corpuscular view is not enough to explain our concepts of least action as physics. I can show that the parity of adjacent orthogonal cells is represented truly by the quasic binary base physics of the plane (brane) or the dimension in question and the shifting between these is transitive or conserved over n-space representations. (I post this here (facebook now here on blogspot)  for the moment as some have taken up the issue of Tesla and such thoughts in new papers like arXiv that I read as if his theory or what we may think of as a bias for the reductionism of quantum bases in the Feynman tradition.)

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