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nD Printing and the Sacred or Profane Quasifinite View

nD Printing and the Sacred or Profane Quasifinite View

L. Edgar Otto    July 4th, 2013

Happy Independence Day  a point of social gravity for a new era of understanding the general arithmetical stereonometry of Turing Machines, exotic and one sided surfaces not possible to make by conventional methods, as we enter a new era of theory and technology of substance and mind as we debate what is overt and hidden in nature's codes and symmetry.

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Facebook status today:

We can see the universe as frozen fireworks or burning stone. Nine tenths of physics or government is under water. Like the inventors and robber barons in the days of steel, electricity and oil the social commons and hidden observers change and sometimes manipulate what they see or are changed by the observation held down contained orbits of self made destiny. But the threat of a tyranny to then is one on steroids to this now.
Think about our constitution and give it a passing thought at least as not a bad model to inspire but not impose upon the world. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and the boys got it right and as old been remarked on the sun and horizon carved on the chairs of congress - It is not clear that this speaks of sunrise or sunset- we have a republic if we can keep it."

The year anniversary of the "discovery" of the Higgs particle does not tell us to chose by our costly primitive experiments if the world is stable or unstable. Like people's hearts and social gravity of governments real and virtual it tells us the universe is quasi-stable. We should give good weight to our passionate sides of current debates for a more open yet unified new era of wisdom. Lockean inquiry is not a bad way to think about the problems as we climb up from another swing of the pendulum with wings in oversight looking down at a wider new worlds of fertile wealth or the same worn out mud.

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This wider view stays with me like a friend and gives me the ability to picture states and questions from a more general view so as to discern what is the actual or probable truth of a social or physics model and moreover the debates on what level consciousness may consist as in its underlying physics - the simple count or intelligibility for example even by those who feel or insert mystery in hidden dimensions and symmerty to which it forms some basis that seems to connect to what some imagine with assertions of tangible facts of number systems and ancient civilizations in designs.  Each as science or pseudoscience can be understood from the viewpoint of those who take these positions if we intellectually reduce the competing models to a physical fulcrum of zero yet not to lose it in the process from an overview.

If we do not have a more general physics we may not be able to know the truth of what something done or made such as chemicals supposedly harmless or not in the symmetry of gene modification for example.  From one side of this current debate the effects are zero - from the other side the truth of it speaks more of the magic of partially known facts carrying imagination.  But the general quasifinite needs not be in such a narrow and simple balance nor necessarily connected in the raw effects multi-see-saw.

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Response to Aldus on facebook and to the next generation of physicists in general:
Альбус К. Клиффорд
Happy 4th of July everyone!!! HiggsDependence day after the past year!!!!!!XD

L. Edgar Otto So we discovered is quasi-stable (metastable the usual term)- in a sense we can ask what gives the Higg-like entities a mass? Moreover, what would give it some form of dark matter properties? The bulk of physics is like and iceberg 9 tenths under water. Where would the universe go anyway if it fell apart? What did you have in mind with that profile drawing if not a sense of some sort of entities way beyond the Higgs idea?

L. Edgar Otto Keep up your keen interest in physics. It is priceless and promising and one day when our world view is more open yet unified we will understand the mind and society too including what some keep in stealth of their wisdom and observation as our world awakens to a new era.

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After writing this I found this wonderful page on Google Plus not knowing the 3D technology has come so far so rapidly nor that such general stereonometry can make our understanding of the world simpler and easier even for our more human methods of pattern perception and design -  a multversal turing project is part of the picture of counting and structures as well in our quasi-unstable and half predictable projects of and to understand the omnium, the universe.

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To Aldus a little later on facebook as he is excited about this article on a New force on dark matter which of course should be a structural or quasic one:  not in the usual sense of force or particles at all.

The appeal to a fifth force or dimension comes up from time to time- what does this paper say other than things are more complicated than the seem?   From my view this article speaks of a long line of doing physics with half a deck and part of a brain that old dark matter the cannot see in their minds.  It does not even begin to be a radical new theory but the same old division in physics unsolved now for a century.  It is simple minded crapola and a dead end and breeds a generation of zombies.  Be careful in whom you admire and what you read for in your caring there are forces that merely feed off and steal you dreams.  Heck, and I am nobody and untrained but I can see the obvious.  The wild cards in nature can pivot = zero so the physics of it all begins to see enough to become aware there is a vast future and intelligence in the darkness in themselves hinted now of what they do not know.  Invisible wild card trivially but one.


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Comment to SH on facebook next day:  on this article linked to her clear understanding of possible deeper theory that is suggested and more scientifically sound in our analysis of superconductivity.

The description can be mirrored information wise with the string like phenomenon on the surface and the quantum theory in the volume. Let us call it fractal duality in a holofractal geometry that varies in time (consequently so called dark like laws) as a simple structural frame or pivot for variations and precipitation into the physicality at boundaries.  The problem is simply we have not defined the idea of dimensions well, especially if like black holes in total systems at rest at quasifinite singularity.  I will post this (to this current page if anyone is here) see the diagram (of my previous posting- or the notations I call Quasic laws of motion)  Not in the next two years a wider theory but a view already a long time here.  Surface and volume are ultimately equivalent information wise considering simple space structures.

In the concrete it can be a matter of perceptual choice if we are to describe a system of singularities as having an origin in time so inflates as a model or with the proposed hierarchy of black hole like entities a total picture if anywhere is a span over time to which all such multiplicty centers in the multiverse go beyond scales or forces to find a baffling but diffuse unity again. Let us recall the continuum hypothesis and the axiom of choice are considered independent of the rest of arithmetical ZF axioms.


I have referred in past posts to Jokers, Grand Jokers and the like in terms of musical and color theory symmetry in relation to structures sacred and profane from the informational intuitive view.  This of course poetic terms...the general theory above of course suggests the DNA as part of the explanation for our fluid and more general idea of consciousness akin to these treated as if interior strings and the illusion of emergence or consciousness or it an undefiend give as a give a hologram of neuroscience nerve complexity which for a long time now goes beyond multilevel ideas of connectionism in holographic development and modeling alone.  Again, I too imagined finally the conclusion of the above cited articles in that there can be some evidence by theory and thought for the aspects of string theory and other ideas.  Pinker in his books suggest we can orient things in three dimensions as well as two when we consider the vague boundaries of peripheral vision of things seen - we can also orient things in higher but condensed down dimensions.  If we deny this aspect of an unobservable materiality say in the glorious view of quantum gravity alone and the string-brane ideas set to zero we can imagine at once a very wide multidimensional field that would contain the stars and galaxies in that description of evolution as merging or being created at once or in real time in the theories requiring the ideas of pairs and chirality (albeit in a reduced condensed picture that nevertheless does not lose the information, that is the understanding that the universe does exist.)  I was toying and trying to revise the following drawing with numerically adjusted to spectral and shadow colors last night for the use of music properties as well the implied count of the stars in the 48 star flag.

July 5

More on this encountered in the social media:

The problem is we have not learned to see the world from a higher perspective- not evolved our
educated our minds so to speak without a struggle thru interpretative chaos.  Such articles would suggest that attraction or repulsion is ultimately an equivalent state in matters of what is gravity or what is the description of force between charged particles and all this mirrored in the higher state of view to which we fight with bias toward part of it we regard as real. It is no more true to say two gallaxies we observe are flying apart than coming together as to what time is and how it generates asymmetry.  Maybe it is low current crap, maybe true in fact as well as theory but in any case it seems diverse despite our mental resistance (or should I say Mhosistene?  Einstein was right on the importance of imagination over this schizophrenic or autistic era of a century of failed physics or as leave the bounds of earth into our sense of the mystical unknown.  But I blame the universities who sell disinformation as education and credentials for the elite who now find they are no longer viable as such.

Let us occupy the future as this although too simple a theory is in the right direction- rather than take the usual adolescent stance of negativity and skepticism as if this justifies in a moral clubbing our own failed existences while we feel bound to an era where expectations for at least a decent job are not only thwarted but raise the debt slavery in all people including those thought to be the best and brightest in our day. Transparency can go over our heads when it comes to a dialog for discerning ignorance as we illy define what is our ideas of democracy...investment in science with wisdom is essential for our birthrights and futures.

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Next day after viewing Tesla's Ambassadors and other YouTube videos on his inventions and those who emulate him.

Tesla ...  his alternatives at the dawn of electrification of which there is little doubt much of his engineering could be useful- for example a method of computer development from a one sided simpler view if we had gone down that alternative history for development- but how do we show where it different from the quantum computer development?  A lot of mystical claims are also made for this positive and negative natural balancing, the yin and yang of it as well inventors with claims of limitless energy.  This dialectical principle if Ingles was heeded would have advanced electronic theory 50 years as well this yin yang principle by Tesla.  Without the new physics it is hard to reason out the claims... so many respected theorists and publications now present us as science views now as outrageously speculative not knowing they are still in the old physics paradigm of which the narrow view of how the universe works is the same old mysticism of partial understanding. Future progress cannot endure on half truths with Utopian promises... each has to supply the effort for as in the Tesla field we have limited and made unreliable our assumption that power is a trade off from a center when it is not clear at all our sensible intuitions are so limited by our faith in the false scarcity of a narrow imagination for such physics or rumors that play with interpretations of truth.  As for equality, peace and love, and the like between all people- that is common sense nor an issue of free will or a balance of good and evil... not a product of science only but the imbalance where we choose beyond our wildest speculations as to what the world will soon give us for new toys into the next century to direct human effort.

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July 6th
for Kris on facebook on Tesla   The understanding of these core principles given depth historically in the stated list  Ld Kristoffer J Martin would you say that He fusion is a byproduct as some imagine linked to the theme mindset of this paper?  We do not need to imagine such physics channeled or given us by some ancient aliens or done in a level of a priesthood of secrecy by humans gods among us who have the power.  We have some choices as to how to influence the direction of the world.  The next social gravity era, having to adjust to the post-economic era, can be a dynamic and peaceful place but it is not a necessary reality anymore than the present state of things persisting is necessary.  The freedom to so choose also allows the concentration of power.  If in our imaginations some process where aliens are among us what would you say to them?  I would say "Are you talking to me?" as in the movie Taxi.  Tesla like all prophets generate followers who sometimes get it wrong in the legend and do things in his name he never advocated nor said.  This sorting out in the virtual world is also subject to such new physics laws- as wide at least as your vision of Regulus theory that encompasses wider intelligible geometric structures- but as technical as my comments here seem- the next era is simple to understand at least for a while and should be for the world soundly hopeful.

There is a difference in the need to know vs the want to know. In this climate of change (I mean we cannot authenticate the message but not the messenger nor the messenger but not the message- what is a leak and what is disinformation hedged to glean money from those who like a mass social movement taking on a life of its own? We need to better define what is information principle and not just where does it go in the black hole of secrecy.) if Tesla's papers were released no one would be able to understand or apply them as principles evidently.

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Reply to my comment on Matti Pitkanen's blogspot this morning.

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