Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Military Industrial Complex Plane

The Military Industrial Complex Plane

(Cosmic Landscaping by Material I-stamp Inflation by Real and Virtual Post-Economic Hidden I-bits in Free Energy or Dark Matter Toxicity of Beliefs Generalizing Feynman Contrails)

L. Edgar Otto             July 14, 2013

Outside systems of advertising and unsustainable cycles of growth where does theory and applications of open or hidden wisdom distinguish actual and social quantum gravity from the atmosphere and weather in the inventions or synthetic thought experiments of Tesla as if crackpot magic or that we can interpret as the sanity reduced by consensus, power centers, making concrete some arbitrary rule of law debated by statistics or disinformation, science as the placebo or opiates for the masses appearing as peer reviewed formal but irrelevant papers of half truths before a wider theory that contains a wider span of predictability and understanding of deeper symmetries and dimensions akin to nature's living systems self-inflicted like lines and scars on cutters begging for release or attention in the risk or gamble and the hedges of insurance as if in reality the world is so limited and fixed there can be in closed minds scientific guarantees?

But can we see the light of new physics while in the transition, or perhaps in reflection only as the grid shifts beyond its span and speed of light and enlightenment to which
a closed system and its products, its shock value at the fronts and frontiers come to tranquil rest and not compressed and growing fires of fusion in branching space and lightning as our age always relatively a golden age and dawn cannot understand the ghost writers of greater hidden wisdom have moved on far from the understanding in the public some think new when they so retro-engineer rumors of gold or report a view of history that civilization reached a peak and only blind pathways of tradition chain us to their creeping impotency as if the scorched earth may fill the cosmos?

1956 licking Green stamps... or Monopoly is back at McDonald's

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