Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Superfluous Space

Superfluous Space

What a monomark is in the design and ambiguity of a cosmic code may exist as a polymark as well all general systems in consideration, in actuality, expression and imagination.

This model may apply to the gene and epigene code where we deal logically and algorithmically with apparently hidden and imminent but not visible (virtual and even conscious-like as interpretation)space.

By superfluous I mean the quasic effects of regions of space - a superentropy of sorts - wherein what may not be perceived directly as properties expressed and experienced can act concretely in the ambiguity as if a thermodynamic totality that restrains (and possibly censors grounded in the old physics the new physics on some level- is the Higgs knowable on any level of differentiation, or the graviton?) in these regions of expanding decoherence is the uncertainty of what may be by default entanglement with regions of what may be independent as multiverse in a relaxed variably dimensionless unified and fragmented or quasi-infinite system with state change adaptability.

The end state of such conceptual teleology (and the lack of expertise for scientists to distinguish what is physics and metaphysics as if we can string erudite but meaningless words and symbols not clearly a reduction to their own comprehension, that all such code is inadequate to explain the world thus trumped and not explored in their healthy skepticism where that feared or suppressed is method which may become a disparate pursuit of missed higher knowing) becomes and is becoming a beginning of higher enlightenment and evolution.

Emotion is the motion. The one glow is a myriad of sparks of light. In superfluous space the axiom of choice quasi-independently (although the creative, in Hoyle's and Eddington's sense of intelligent combined with design artificially expressed, fields can correspond in regions of relaxed actuality) dances and organizes the design of the selective quasi-finite.

This brings us back to the question of maximum entropy in black holes and the structure or nature of dark fluid matter on what regional level if any. In terms of ideas of struggle it fundamentally goes back to the art of war where we put what is seen or not, a question of spies in uniform or turned as double agents as to what of our choice of belief and observation on the conscious level negotiates the possible encounters that impose necessity or chance, mechanism or vague disorder, or a third possibility where such questions at the heart of what we are save the best of what we are fatally and freely to at least have some healing effect for our frailties of mind and body in the war for our hearts by force or disinformation- and yes to explore carefully new frontiers of an ever less opaque world.

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