Friday, October 30, 2009

The Jack-o-Lantern Universe (or the Colorado Shift)

Our human state is one of adapting to the changes in our interaction with the material world more than a sort of saturation to status quo of our spiritual and chemical balance. To this end we imagine intuitively and creatively sometimes a distance from our inner mind and thoughts. The barest hint of an idea can contain whole new world for exploration and revelation of what is the potential in us of the actual. If we are not comfortable with such frontiers and sea sickness of sea changes in ourselves and the world we may not understand the frontiers of what we read and write and believe. One thing for sure, science and philosophy can seem to be just beginning as our eyes open and ending where they are closed.

*1 Where the question of regions of space as geometry can be made more rigorous by
ideas of overlapping- such dialectics (even fourfold) can be imagined neutral globally. But, as said, what seems existent (and the universe not found with origins of the expected patterns of the COBE data) can be seen not to exist as well we can imaginatively question while in the moment our own existing. Can a non-existent God make the universe- is He evolving with such a universe? Do we become God in our awakening called consciousness? Is the most general default that of such non-existences as the ultimate background substantial or actual allow the experiences of what is the quasi-real? Are we in a sense god-like in the first place? In such clouds of data of which it may be pointless to mine the data what sort of rules of the unknown can be encompassed by our algebra of the unknown? How simple and terse the completion of squares even for the idea of arithmetic fractions.

*2 Imagine then a quasic square as if a description of political regions (national jurisdictions for example) in the developing history in question. Are these not as if the confluence of dark and light matter? Are they not conceptually something like the theories of Branes or whatever model we make for the metaphor? Why in the quasic holon view do we hold indempotency as if some pole of absolutes and not something that evolves unto a limit that can be in between and thus a mindful universe in the background of neutral global unreasonable power of our mathematics?

*3 Sometimes the mathematics can get around what seems irrefutable as logical paradoxes especially when we scrutinize the frontiers and boundaries of the world and our perceptions. The epsilon-delta of limits needs to be expressed in terms of the wall of the world even if it conceived as finite but boundless. Where do we reach the fuzzy limit that exists then as absolute as if the boundary of the state of Colorado as if a quasic square or sphere? Where does the unity of aleph 1 cover and is contained in such a region as well to contain all space and its dimensions? In what sense is there a neutral background stability of such a seemingly even if it seems virtual and empty absolute alph 1 boundary? Is it stable in the usual sense as if the plane of functions is vertical and nodes of gravity as stable? In what sense of complex fractals do several regions of some number give us more certainty and predictability ? Does not such a distinction of the indefinite square region and the definite area not speak of inflation and the seeming explosion and direction of the invariant light? Is it not the case that where Wyoming and Colorado touch at such a boundary the hegemony of the other as real space cannot be shown to exist before the boundary is crossed in time save paradoxically on the razor edge as we approach its intricate and extended structure of the boundary itself? Certainly we need to develop the calculus more along these clearer seemingly metaphysical or conceptual lines and then apply it to the real world and not one of just dreaming how we design, we creators, the community of man.

Footnote: In the progression of the quasi-spheres being as the center of a given region in descending (perceived so) quadrants we regard the fourth or southeast as the zero origin in terms of what confluences will follow, say 49 of 64 - much like the yarrow stalks and so on in the tradition as the I Ching is as if a clue to ancient lessons to be applied in a future technology). I feel very keenly the advancement of technology lately mastering what it was back when that seemed to hard but seems trivial now like the power supplies in the era of am radio. The world now looks so primitive at times and the cultural regions as a global thrust of education that seems failing in our state and universities today overemphasizing the arbitrary liberal degrees or in some places mindless engineering (let us not forget how close we were globally to the disaster of world war being civilized beings that maybe if we survive the concept in wider dimensions that of our achievement of nuclear power be not the curse but a great miracle of the power of our species to evolve and think-of course the use of such power defeats the achievement while it defeats immoral war save hand to hand of that self deception as a need ultimately for us primates- we who have gone beyond the hype against cowardliness of the Firing Line against our brothers demonized. In some ways it is all a mathematical manipulation but in no case is it a conspiracy of hidden groups as metaphysically sound.

This zero point of confluence as if a movable clef on the exponential scale can be readily seen to adjust with further complexity the outliers of stars from the mainstream. Between two galaxies or other material things the virtual photocytes create places of structure- as if the geometric creation of craters from some external space is the same description as the crashing into the moon or mars physically of some meteor. Is gravity but the echo of this structural complexity?

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