Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Coherent Multiverse

In that the decoherence may be an effect of another parallel universe(s) or so such that the cosmological exploration may be the first evidence of the multiverse as say opposed to the muon or electron wobble, and considering the Reference Frame Post today which all along comes near my views and the paradoxes involved- a thing perhaps in relation to the map projection of the last post if we want to modify a fractal like idea with turbulence -hence the tires or tori as if falling ink in water in the background of these musical issues of what is circular or primary- issues that synchronously appear here and on the science magazines and that excellent blog I follow as if perhaps we in our special reality are aware of in advance or bring these ideas into the world- as the scientists and so on catch up with us or the society resolves its books of erudite and expert lies such as those on global warming and so on, I thought this morning of a circle of colors if folded across a diagonal that the beads of color are either self dual or opposite across the circle as off or secondary colors. This leads to the coherence ideas which I have come closest in the poems on myspace com /ottonian in matters of mind and psychology.

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