Monday, December 14, 2009

Myriahedral Projections

*** This remark posted 12-15-09 the next day: Of course I look forward to the variations of this projection oriented to the WMAP and COBE data of the cosmic background. In some sense one end of an axis might be in the center.

Myriahedral Projections:

Today On I found this projection (I already knew one could travel the coast line of the earth (see Smithonian some years back) but as this sort of idea is relevant to the points and posts I have been making on space etc... I post it with reference and suggest it is worthwhile to explore all the links. I hope I have not offended anyone by the use of this graphic. Of course it is not the final description of the cosmos space but it is a great intuitive step closer.

(Ari if you read this an great article on autism appears there also today: )

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