Monday, December 7, 2009

Oversimplified Physics

Oversimplified and Obscurely Complicated Physics

I am not sure the last post readily conveys the worldview offered, especially with all the non-standard terminology about what is already a difficult subject with a steep learning curve. I am not even sure what I am about to write here is relevant yet I think it has some advantage for seeing the universe in an overview for the very fact that my self-education and explorations did not benefit from early on training. While I do not play the piano for even a single song I understand the music and have found it simple after all, discovered new things which are known and some which are not generally known. I sense the intelligible where it is in our shared reality.

I will supply a picture to head this post when I can download it from the camera.

What we can construct, say with ball and stick models, can extend into the microworld-for example how crystals are arranged even if we have not seen them. But even the last picture of the universe in my last post may not convey the replete richness of the ideas and concept to which our symbols and mathematics tries to explain. What can be said of the structure and method at any point as if a sea of singularities is but a pale echo of the totalities reflected at each point.

But in a familiar world of three space our intricate mathematics, say of vectors and a unified view conceptually where we can see it in matters like continuity to me amounts to an oversimplification of what we know of the world as geometry, that defined by what we can construct- that is see and touch.

What if something like the Higgs is virtual in the sense that as some have said that it is a time traveler of sorts that would in principle make a barrier to its discovery in the LHC? continued...

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Back - and I guess it was getting technical there. So check back here for the main as yet unwritten post which essentially tries to describe some of these grand universal concepts as analogs to thing like flat crumpled surfaces on balls with the two poles or something like a mirror ball as an alternative geometry and a one pole compromise so as to simply reflect the universe and all found from ideas of mapping the globe and its math.

Also I did write another post called the Universe of Wellness (with a picture of the Buddha of compassion. It applies some general ideas (also a picture of what I call my Brittney cake experiment I baked yesterday). The application is to what we mean scientifically and philosophically by the diagnosis of schizophrenia- inspired by people I know and the little girl on Oprah I happen to see this afternoon.

But the critical question, if we can predict the weather at all, is how can we truly find some certainty in a world of dogma and ideology in science for something as critical one way or the other as Global warming- how effective do we rationally handle the healthy self and soul searching skepticism of our fellow scientists?

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The Sphere Farm Explained and the Brittany Spheres: (hopefully posted tomorrow)
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December 8, 2009 Due to impending Blizzard the posting on this theme and the photos will be delayed. Also to be posted is the following poem:
My Roommate's Virtual Inner Idol Cries Out in the Dead of Night and a relevant lite story relating to the origin of ideas for these recent posts traced to my late childhood interest in science:
In Praise of Our Teachers Easy and Tough

The posted picture that heads this post is of the Buddha whose head exploded and was put back together with ten other heads and given a thousand arms- rather like a primitive intuitive string theory. He is the Buddha of Compassion and My Wellness essay will be included in the Compassionate Universe series.

As time has moved so far past the continuity of the presentation I may just have to post the body of the projected ideas (those not incorporated in other writings around this time) in its self notation of points and language still hard to read and this I will call Footnotes and Carbon Footsteps

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