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A Universe of Wellness (The Compassionate Universe)

A Universe of Wellness (The Compassionate Universe) L. Edgar Otto 12-07-09

Expressing a religion, psychologically, can not only vaguely supply a sense of meaning to an individual mind but also supply a sense of ontological balance as we adapt and grow, engage the multiverse of our lives where our minds seem a virtual totality.

What seems concrete may of course be a question of interaction with the material world, a question of chemical imbalances if we knew enough about the process and can in fact empirically discover this information.

Yet, fundamentally, the stuff of which sentience is made may be the analog of virtual atoms which moreover within themselves and from their inner view evolve and grow. But for physics, as our world and imaginations may expand what becomes concrete within the simplified physics of the concrete seems an hallucination.

We find degrees of uniform reports and behaviors by which we can compare the evidence of the mind so as to encompass the phenomena into a term where the diagnosis escapes us at that point of ignorance or vague generality - terms physically like fibro-mialgia or psychologically like schizophrenia and perhaps what cancer can ultimately be described.

Clearly, as the concrete world seems to be able to be interpreted as state changes - the steps and theories of stellar evolution for example - the occurrence of Lithium after an age of Hydrogen stars: should one be surprised of the effects, not understood, of this fundamental element on the mental states like schizophrenia?

This view asserts and more clearly defines the schizoid state yet suggests a universal analog or degree of it in the normal population where it adapts (domesticates culturally?) to rational intelligibility (consistency of mathematics and logic on some level of more deeply defining operations between conceptual variables.

Assuming we can diagnose schizophrenia as the progressively misaligned chromosomes in brain tissue the fundamental question is still what relation of cause and effect is clear between the mental and physical elements involved. The nature nurture debate and ultimately the goals of the design of a general system such as our organ ones suggest we should keep underlying philosophic views in mind in our scientific enquiries.

As our mind grows physically and mentally, as we expand into some aspect of possible geometries (and all such geometries stand or fall together logically) we observe a natural longing for other realms of magical and possibly real worlds and alternative identities. This escape is also a destination of human freedom and imagination, of evolution and freedom as possible itself. This other worldlyness or standing out of our culture and time is a common symptom.

Another common one is the hearing of voices, ones moreover that are heeded and compel from some other, higher or lower seeming place, the effects of psychotic behavior. Yet the heeding of this, of diffuse "will" or "life force" may be something of which initially the mind is at least aware and can ignore or influence with some degree of self control. It seems constrained or balanced in its own intelligibility of inner law in the innate desire for survival, explanations, and identity.

This then is a question of free will on some level and of determinism - an acid test of philosophy in a replete world of physics not necessarily over simplified.

What is clear and common is that the wellness and balance of such commanding voices as can influence, real or imagined, that these must be treated for wellness also. Yet, just as if we are created by "aliens" how far can we push the question as to what created "them"?

Again, we come to models and questions of infinite regress and fractal like mechanisms of self-reference and self-creation and all the logical paradoxes involved.

In virtual spheres that we can divide one (as in Tarski's paradox) and reassemble it presents no concrete physical problem, indeed, such logical impasses are a key to the wider application of a wider world view of what the universe is to be understood (surely beyond the natural dimensions in finite analogs at least to the exhausted limits of mathematical properties of groups that we can extend the groups to at least the interaction of what seems exhausted by separate entities or systems. Such string theories of exotic design may well apply to the brain over body only processes.) Do we not imagine such a creative relevancy in the fragmented wills, desires and identities of our experience of mind?

From the physical view considering the state of the universe this is presently or is perceived at hand, if we imagine the universe as mind, should we not clearly establish that the metaphysics is or not a universe of actual mind? The possibility is that different ground may in a sense coexist virtually or for awhile as the ultimate reality to date. What is the wellness of our wilderness, especially as math and physics?

One of the deepest pf philosophic questions in our day is that if we modify or treat a patient for some mental condition that the behavior and physical health seems to solve the chemical and ontological instabilities- do we in fact have the same identity as real after treatment? From what perspective if any can a further revolution in psychiatry connect to a universe of natural wellness?
It would seem we are on the verge of one that is not just tied to questions of balances of nature and nurture or genes and chemicals from just a non-design probability view alone.

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