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Why Should Physics not Expect the Supernatural?

Why Should Physics not Expect the Supernatural?
(or the Brittany Spheres)
[the accompanying article and explanation will be posted shortly...]

A Universe of Brittany Spheres

The above staged still life photo is a collection of spheres meant to convey simple and constructable objects from concepts on our familiar scale. The questions that seem to lead to complicated and very advanced mathematics I feel may be ultimately derived from mapping things, in particular spherical surfaces onto a plane. By supernatural I mean this very issue of what is natural (near unity for physicists as the Reference Frame followed blog reports) and my next post begins with the question I ended with for this one. Elsewhere, on the philosophychatforum I speculated that some physical ideas across all dimensions, geometries, present an origin as the difference between our fractal and hologram models, of gravity, the DNA read fractally or the nerve connections as if hologram layers of connectivity that describes a model for the design of the brain.

Two basic models displayed are the solid smooth sphere where we can imagine as if some Platonic conception of the One is a place of ultimately no points of distortion
as in the K sphere group each point an identity element, and on some scale we can imagine it stretched out to a flat plane.

This as an higher analog of dimensions as the wrapping of a plane around such a sphere and twisting the ends (poles) off as if a party favor. The idea then of an "axis of evil" as if from external considerations a universe only explanation of anomalies of the WMAP COBE observations. We note also the flat and crinkled surface of the aluminum foil as if mountain ridges where it seems rolled around even multiply are independent crust modified by expansion or contraction.

By this same geometric analogy of an ocean and inversion of direction and properties the other sphere between gingham discs and cloth planes involves our attempt to cover a mirror ball with uniform squares or other polyhedra.

The celestial globe and its relative spinning equators of season in a sense represent a compromise as if some planet pocked with craters (stars) viewed vaguely- certainly such orientations recall the math of vectors (eigenfunctions)and earth the water world pictured here brings up our issues of debate on global warming and how exactly we see the natural and creative possible descriptions of evolving states for matter. Its crust crudely thought as independently movable over the surface in the shift of poles (a remark by Einstein) and its crust as a three way peeled orange in some n-pole as if a baseball curve along the "rings of fire".


Behind the water-world Earth is a football shaped object that suggests things like rapidly spinning stars in computer simulations may allow for physical (physis=natural yes?) naked singularities.

The smooth stone from the river here, concerning equators and the remapping of hemispheres has two gray layers and a central white one as if an Oreo cookie, not all irregular bodies need be described only by gravity and energy thresholds.

Which brings us to thinking about what is the inside or outside of things in matters of psychological perception, perspective, and parity, with what I presume is the final for a fence post done by injection moulding, as if it had one pole, the regions near the North Pole are larger than those diminishing to the South. Moreover, even if we inverted the inside and outside the screw to fix it on the fence keeps the same handedness. This of course is a hologram myriapolyhedral like model.

There is a black sheet in the background of empty space and a plane of gingham as if a matrix matching a jelly top disc or as a mirror ball to symbolize quasic space. The guitar nearby represents ideas on waves and music and harmonics applied.

All of this on a wicker table of hyperboloid shape as if a nuclear cooling tower - yet the shape comes from linear elements with the same distributed twist.

The Brittany Spheres Cake picture suggests the inversion of inside and outside (the cake an inverse of a chocolate covered cherry). The other drawing based on the flag of Brittany erminos for the color fur black and white inspired by the Greek or American stripes (for in that colorful sense black holes have hair) As we shall come to think about and say much of the interpretation of quantum and relativistic ideas involve the dots (spheres) on one hand as point charges or indefinite but infinite open or closed strings as stripes and other ideas of coherence and asymptotic freedom. In this drawing I suggest and application to DNA gene code of what is initiator and terminator in the 64 exceptional group matrix and that of Conway in the merchant flag.

The corpen pennant and the Edgar Casey picture with pyramids and the 4D simplex suggest more difficult ideas as entanglement and multiverse considerations of actuality and coherence.

I added a further picture today, an enlargement of detail with reduced color information which not only limits the range of enquiry by equations to some approximation but also suggests things analogous to expressed limit approximations or where they are only also tentatively the case.

These informal thoughts were also expressed in recent poems and ideas to be expressed now written but not posted more formally in short notes in a philosophical or metaphysical manner. Interestingly I am not clear how things may be affected if space itself somehow has an absolute logical minimum grain- I imagine this issue as the subject of forthcoming posts which indicates to me as simple as the origin of some of our advanced description of mapping may be that a further layer of abstraction as simple will require its share of advanced math to explain the concepts. For now the idea of iotas, uroids, uranoids and so on which I have called the zero x infinity = unity Omnium principle I imagine particles as if stars or even universes as "birons" from the Turkish, which can give us a simple picture to apply ideas of maths in motion. From this viewpoint we know that our description of the slit experiments viewed alternatively as quantum or relativistic and capable of questioning either view- the duality in particular of the living or dead as simultaneous somewhere or merely superimposed (issues now physically as well as metaphysically debated) may be unresolved because we insist on point or string models and nothing that already is in between in a creative cosmology.

At this point more speculation is needed. Perhaps an appeal to science fiction where we imagine the global properties of star wisps as pictured in Star Trek and just how we are to formulate the mathematics of the one and the plural in an intelligible and coherent manner. Then again in the West we do have these same Platonic and Aristotelian models of some vague religious concept of Heaven. What is mass even if viewed as primary if one might go at warp speed and the stars shrink in the distance or in doing so pass through us and we are invisible to such acceleration?

The higher dimensional toothpick and gumdrop structures in the picture is a reminder of models of cosmology buildt up from the ground of such ideas- and yet although we do no see some arrangements of atoms we on our familiar common sense and natural scale that behave as the atomic bonds seem to do in possible crystals.

A few stray ideas were in my manuscript notes I may post as they are formally rather than trying to make this accessible to the masses and some experts.

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