Friday, December 4, 2009

Maxims, Thoughts, Quotations

Those who strive for immortality (even of the virtual fame sorts) are also expressing it.

The mediator is the mass- virtual neutrinos on the frontier of entangled universes need no clear dimensions or identities.

Search Octupoles WMAP I found today with corresponds all along to my posts and blogs of music of the spheres.

Lincoln, the string approach and bets on the Higgs and all, what sort of harm to empiricism do you give the anthropologists as to the certainty not found in science if in the end there is no local rigidity nor appeal to anthropocentric explanations needed in the multivers? Perhaps it is harm to what is rationalism. In the ten to the 500 string universes is that such a large number compared with as Penrose says the needle in the haystack of entropy the conditions found with us here by say a Creator?

Are we really debating God Particles (the Higgs) and the Axis of Evil (that effect in the cosmic background) and its musical harmony we need to interpret beyond the data before it overwhelms us into some closing of imagination's doors where we fix the context of what we regard as certainty as science.

Where is it so certain and rigid that in pair production there has to be a definite model of a global warming such that energy as your god and his tablet of the relativity that the virtual neutrinos are not a wider and freer albeit invisible scale of mass and spin- and yes symmetrical laws we put into neat categories in the uncertainty?

The sciencechatforum has become an encyclopedia of experts in their small region of creative influence and fame. As such it is merely a bureaucracy of those who veto the imagination in its needed depths as if graduate students on Wiki and other pointless pee contests apparently for its own sake and not the subject in itself. Of course you could say a lot of us older wise ones can be seen as you said of some as 23, zit faces without the gauntlet of grad school and your mysterious symbols and language. Majorama you understand and say you are no Einstein but you are not him either. Again we need more bits of information than four for entanglement- even with octupoles- and this immortal knowing will not be hidden from the masses.

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