Saturday, February 27, 2010

Objections to Formalism for Particle Physics and Cosmology

The string as an ideal entity is a universe that contains strings and so on- and replication is a key, as the memory karma like of that before the big bang making the minor shifts on the flat desert or sea the dunes and waves of the W-Map where we interpret inflation energy involved before the big bang.

If in the abstract the generation problem is structurally like the DNA why not a concept of it as concrete. Sure our physical body, DNA and all, n-dimensional and all and full of black holes, wormholes and so on of our modern idea of physics is of the image of the universes design- why not the universe as our organic image? The replication of universes as such is not merely the creation of singularities and black holes.


*1 The shape of a geometrical object is not necessarily independent of the coordinate system describing it an a deeper level (circular strings as gravity or mass as the determination of the space on at least one level of observation.

*2 The general spaces possible in any natural dimension cannot simply be limited to parabolic, hyperbolic and elliptical.

*3 Formulas in simplification of a finite solution may ignore more general infinite solutions. Being the same problem Maxwell's zeros and Einsteins rest zeros do not result in the same focus or loss of structural information.

*4 Moreover, to limit periodic solutions making the formula more general by transcendental values may ignore a need for further generalizations where these have a variable resolution to unity as sign and roots in an independent (wave) manner as a space or vector basis. Wave mechanics structure can exceed uncertainty.

*5 The formalism of the reduction of n-natural dimensions via determinants can be a dynamic analogous relationship instead of independent contiguous or consecutive levels (of the zeros, or if seen as infinite in origin and rotation). Systems may indeed quasi-cohere with a quasi-continuity.

*6 It follows that some and in some sense all such formalism meaningfully goes beyond the quadratic matrices and degrees of freedom- this a sort of string basis postulate for greater if restrained dimensions.

*7 The quasi-reality of substance and vacuum is that an ongoing dynamic relationship of co-creation is between them and in a sense creation requires the creation of emptiness.

*8 In understanding the changing states of neutrinos (momenta particles) with less states than the other leptons (half the number of colors by spin relativity considerations) a fourth state is relevant and may be particle like on all scales and may be an invisible determinant or both- quasi-vacuum also as some imagined field particle or mediator.

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