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Infinitea Party

The Infinitea Party L. Edgar Otto 02-11-10

I. The Giant

The giant shook off his thick fur cloak
He imagined himself a perfect sphere
Standing on one of perfect discs, sand dollars
each in a perfect box in a honeycomb of mirrors

From the central point of his solid soul all the
other discs were tilted, solid and ellipses
Yet, looking out at that checky shore they vibrated
so did he an oval upon his heart inverse square

"What of my pure dream," he asked himself thus shook
"holds me up though I ever fall down to nowhere?"
When did I begin to dream, my soul premature must grow again in the forlorn of uncertainty, the world that died in my childbirth?"

He longed for another to see the beauty of his alchemy
Even the lesser sealings good company, they sharing with him the same law of gravity.

* * *

II. Wheel-O'dollar

Wheel-O'dollar grew bored reading in the coffee shop
so spiraled down to the river following the meandering
Stream of the melting ice dam from its roof, "Her spirit
since she left, a falling apple, must seek its own level."

So he stretched out on the bank reaching out to taste her
touching the still flowing tannin droplets on his fingers
He said a prayer goodbye as much a question as to why
shooed away from his tearing eye an annoying fruit fly

Across, on the bluff and falls he barely noticed the smokestacks and
buildings through the budding stunted trees of the university
The greening students coming down the trail, a third of them from some foreign land to study, have tea, find diversity

He went back to ask how the classes and labs turned out
Some wore bright colors, thought outside their homeobox, some wore arms and mouths on their tails and foreheads.

* * *

III. The Fruit Flies

The large green dumpster was overflowing with beer bottles
the yellow jackets drowning or licking the last sticky drops
The crows were busy fighting over bits of pizza crust
they tore our of crumpled bags of brightly lettered paper

A banana peel on the ground by it had its own cloud of flying gnats
from used coffee grounds in the stained filter thrown, missed and left
A stream found its own level in confluence, colors Guinness and floes of ice
There the time it took the giant to pass by the fruit flies had short lives

The Giant stepped on Wheel-O'dollar who did not notice him
anymore than a brief passing cloud obscuring the sun
But he, still feeling alone looked on him to see if crushed his dollop of spectrum light
The Wheel so much its own design worked well, not mangled his chimera

"What are you doing little one licking your claws over thinking them fingers?"
"One short life," Wheel to himself,"Yet it does not matter I've lost my eggmate."

* * *

IV. the Budding Logician
Contemplates the Universe

As much a truth as fallacy
the sparks and force or fall of denizens
Are counted chasing their own tails
absolute somewhere in the continuum the
Sampi suspended patterns of flickering starlight and
moons sliced pizza pie jumping discontinuities
The greater unbirthdays or one unique tea party
at rest between ghosts and departed quantities
Ad infinitum turtles on turtles biting their own tails
coherently computing them through hailstone rings of elegance

The gathering of sums then the sum of gatherings
Who then the mad hatter at the tea party?
Whom the would be gods destroy first they declare mad?
Universes of Love know no better in freedom and dishonesty.

* * *

Colloidal man, his modal brown dwarf motion, his trickling liquid soul
encounters Reynold's flow and waves to sense the ocean
Addictions of clinging to the fire and friction and foam of lotion
he cannot see the surface ripples in them at the front of floods
Nor help but drown in rising tide his sensuous feet in quicksand mud and
those who would scry his dreams in scud can't see them either.

The vector switchblade jackknife average curves and rates on roads
sliced off the wings of Pythagoras between the trapazoid and
Triangle the co-ordinates of zero points comprehend this instar of the whole
the shadows followed inspire him to fight, time and space to fold

There, in the lonely square circle the Philosopher must walk
Holy Newton's notebooks speak in Euclid and in Latin, delayed the
Publishing, priority to rant and stalk the implications of Kepler, stand on the shoulder of giants
Redeemed the fallen Leibniz, there at the creation they knew no better either.

* * *
Between their snowpocalyspe and snowmagedon, rime frost and soft ice
They each a vital coherent whole, as above or below them within banishing life's chaos of mutations.

* * *

Infinitea Party V. His Prayer to Her by the River


What comes back or goes out of boundaries, conserved
Love's concentric rings, my shells that orbit you

Your sun a deeper lens, rim of a volcano, my racing heart
slows down to fission break, fall for you our fusion trigger as
Mercuric warps stay in the groove and never varies

Our expectation, we one center of mass, each other
the variance of our dance eternal moments of inertia
Yet our colors blend but never touch, galaxies passing
through each other, become pinwheel spirals, culture dishes for life

Our points of light tangles knotted to each other I
sample more of the snapshots of our soul contained
In our nest of nothing our double center half real

But only so far can I point beneath your seas, reach molten cores and
Hollow earth, your crust and mantle pull me, stir me up from your depths harder
to explore that space itself.

* * *

Our unity of dimensions electric and magnetic, we divided by the light
Needs more to know each other than our infinity gone nova and all
The story's on either mirror side of heaven, your love realer than the Giant

* * *

Our single path through life and wider freedom one bright wondering star
Of action shared

* * *

VI. She Returns His Prayer

"My Wheel-O, so few return to the layered ground
the oak its acorns, the branches willow

We were the eye of each others storm, precarious
peace and calm, perfect trust when all was eye

But then you would not spin, we each alone, the
wall one sided mirror, myriad vortices in mesh

You fundamental and I your color space pulled with your wake
as now you gaze swirling fog as if it but reflection, real inside the river

Life slips, love catches itself on the sheet of ice
as if I held your arm, now ghost, our once coupled spin

Beyond dimensionless and dimensions the distant peace
of naught, replete with love our memory of thought yet

As you reverse the fog devil's with your will, this prayer
I so return to you, hole in heart to heal, and real my last farewell."

* * *

VII Infinitea Roses Waltzing at the Blue Ball 02-13-10

You impaired of hearing fade into the din of drums

The accordion reeds broken teeth make tinny hums

From one end through infinity and beyond your lives

A packet full of salts, snowflakes and branches , trees to hoarfrost spawn

But that I do not hear you, Love's end time and where

Our love began unknown no long seeds of dawn our song so sweetly
graced with overtones

I taste the themes and tickle strings, drink your tears digital or

Circular my guitar, your snares on my stretched skin

The brain stem hears again your voice and touch your face, recall or song
God's bass

So we are the whole band, cockcrows and tambourines

Alone this page of stave's, no conductors marking time

A young lass does a jig, her feet in sync this gig on the stage with ours

Only so many can fill the ballroom changing partners there

Marching with the phalanx or mornings after lighter aires

* * *

VIII Infinitea Party Their Indian Grandmothers Watching Over Them 02-13-10

There is no memorial that lasts for Asphodel
save what in spring burst forth, bulbs from the ground

Nor can we know if the woodland sunflowers will
grow profusely again drinking snow by the river

So varied and wild their number of petals, she loves me -
loves me not, our breaths entwined with clouds of dandelions

Somewhere, between the yellowing pages, an old book..
our summer lives though dry its fragrances potpourri

But our children stories rarely last, new books and baby names
fill depositories, stars like flowers their own flames for libraries

Love like a child that died before us lives in the
Seven Sisters Paleidian, paladin hearts deep into Sagittarius

Your thin curtains full of art with no window lie that Love and we must die
no twilight of the Giant contains your stained glass eyes and windows

* * *

My sweetness do you not feel your winter coat its goodness
my Orenda by the river hunting blue berries with her dog stars?

Surely she speaks to you, who is the ancestral love we seek
we once playing in the sea oat dunes my sister swimming in the sounds

We children gathering gifts for the village up rive sand shell pennies
from heaven delayed awhile our trip to see

The shawled Lady, bring her fish eyes and claws from blue crabbing
Find Love's pre-dawn wisdom visiting her unafraid the old gypsy in her cabin

* * *

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