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Quasic Metastable Organic Cosmology

Quasic Metastable Organic Cosmology

It should be clear to those with the usual development of mathematical physics where it involves things like Einstein's and DeSitter's interpretation of the geometry of higher spaces via some form of dyadic (tensor) vector (number) generalization, that these two views have a compromise view solved by this quasic conception in three space representation equivalent to say Eddington's quantum realitivity (1929) of his monomark and uranoid fundamental theory model.

For example in the diagram above I leave it to the scientists for now to deduce which of the 20 (logically 24 like from the DNA structure) we need to consider in the expanded matrix. These of course would determine the mixed or other vectors.

An idealized bit of string like a line segment contains the whole of Cantor's aleph 1 dimensions if viewed as continuity. Would a monopole have an intrinsic electric field? such questions I have been pondering lately. The light cone is metastable or quasi-finite in a literal sense of a half cone that rotates on it's side against the table.

Creationistic ideas do involve these hyperbolic invariants of rotation be it Desitter, Hoyle, or the new Brane collision physicists. But we do have a conversion of our ideas of what is empty or not when things become finite by matter or energy (light) as more generalized structures- the idea of an open or closed interval in such a loxidrome of angular momenta, even as a quantum idea and as something vaguely called non-linear, assures us that the zero state of things or the flat state of things is valid beyond ideas of conservation as well as the totally curved view.

FOOTNOTE: I am in a coffee shop at a public computer and was interrupted with a friend who has a new guitar and wants lessons (and I can give her an overview but I have had no formal training so it surprises me when people like my music.) So I am not sure I made the point of this post clear here. For one thing it is as if with the idea of multiverse by analogy to the universe in Einstein's day being the Milky Way- our worldview expands on these fundamental ideas of physics. But the concepts at least metaphysically are similar. In terms of the raw geometry, DeSitter closer to the idea of pure geometry involved, the issue is one of the styles of view which need some sort of compromise or expansion between the mechanical and more like the consciousness interpretation varieties, that is a quantum gravity of sorts, a unified physics. But both apply, the three and one or two and two of the fourfold. Both views are complete in a sense but are needed. The above diagram is not limited to one holon entity including our ideas of mind. Certainly, Einsteins modification for a stable universe as dark energy- the cosmological constant- has become a relevant view again. The Inflation and the Ekpyrotic models of today echo that of Einstein and DeSitter as far as the math on the face value of it is concerned. But the above diagram is merely the outline of a vastly larger higher structure of such geometric spaces but we are not lost in the immensity or variety of structures. It is not wrong to question on this level say the conservation of matter but we do have to incorporate what happens when we deal with such infinities and meaningless divisions. This is also an organic model in that it directly applies to the mental and physical structures of life forms which can be put into theoretical physics terms. While the formuli are beautiful and modified by the tastes of the theoretician in terms at least of higher dimensions the background is very simple but the background is after all something we engage with our mind. Then again it is remarkable to see how we saw the world say before Gauss and Riemann's speculations were brought down to technical applications. In particular the diagram above is not limited to 256 as a group theory, but is as if endless, a super or multi-group theory where we have to interpret and deal with the geometry as some force or measure of things of wider possibilities. To think of electricity as a volume of something of explicit relative measure at some idea of focused down projection or shadow of mass strikes me as rather primitive- but it is the logical assumption and it becomes proven that time as a fourth dimension, linear or not, is not just a philosophic statement.

I (interruption) maybe the idea will come back to me- one thing I have been pondering is if this is a useful mental model what thoughts or chemicals or fields or whatever can be useful to make certain people healed mentally (last night my roommate and I had to take a guy to the hospital) it is a paradox is it not- the taking of thought not adding one cubit to our statures.

The Great Grand Speculation The state of our spiritual visions, an afterword:

Assuming some of you have reached the point where all of this seems obviously simple if not simplistic it raises metaphysical issues worth considering. For one thing these ideas especially as mathematics and information seems to give us a possible way or mechanism to feel more assured of some of our religious intuitions.

For one thing the world though simple is very wide in theory, amazing for the scale of our brains. What if for each of us what we imagine or learn and think about in the context of the world, that it comes to pass our dreams match closer what we regard as independent knowing- that in some sense relative to each other what we see is a delusion. For any one of us if there is at least the last morsel of intelligibility the physics and its laws, individually and species specific, is the truth. We do seem in the main to have this self-doubt and sense of there is something more than what is immediately possible and given.

Clearly in some sense the creative information and experience that can be in the detail stored into holon like creative entities like quasars or black holes with surface and centered structures, quasic ones, as if the historical websites are somewhere preserved including those seemingly lost to us at the time (the virtual world of multiverse a vaster place and greater data storage) that in a sense all of our experience can not only be stored but by some sort of natural laws progress to what we think of as the supernatural. Our lesser natural dimensions are x and y a rather cyclic thing and z where we have the idea of height and potential- what we regard as real or as iy perpendicular the flat heaven orthogonal to our round earth and how many more ways to arrange the waves and axes so to define and label.

This certainly can be a comfort with a little certainty of the caring for and tragedy at least in the fleeting moment of our connection to life and the bonds between us. We would be dishonest to dismiss for now those who may in fact sense the truth of our religious experiences. Science should first and foremost remain honest.

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