Friday, February 26, 2010

Loxomnium Dream of Space

The Illustration above was from a doodle of yesterday as some people were talking to me in the coffee shop, in what sense is the Lox picture the vermin, wormholes nematodes that cleans the meat from the bones of the conquering worms? If one is to allow some small principle of consciousness in at all in say the quantum interpretations one will reap a whirlwind of interpretations crying out that a greater spirit or ultimate concern exists. But what is the light and the false light of the messiah and the deceptive one but a reasoning of sorts, a method of understanding say by Acts in the Bible - the needle's eye to heaven is so much easier than the reaching of the idea of God, and of our place in the scheme of things- Beware of the false prophets of science also so as not to be deceived. To the pure all things are pure.

Loxomnium Dream of Space

Pink lox rolled into a rose over cream cheese and a stem of green onions, the nucleus cafe cook had me try one the other day- for some reason I dreamed about a space principle as I gazed into the pink lox- more of a metaphysical thing, the Giant in the stories almost a God conception of things. Most likely from my realization that the loxodrome was a complete helix on a sphere, something I thought only was a sort of spiral spiraling endlessly to the pole. And the rhyme with hippodrome for the poetic sharing of images

*1 - The nematode string theory, and the Cantorian sharing of path strings

*2 - The quasic depth of field a full dimension of view past and present, arrow microcosmic or macro cosmic

*3 - The defeated logic of the pixel view, but do the string ends swing randomly and will they occasionally connect?

If ultimately the ground of reality is composed of ideal strings these are a length and can be open or closed or any measure in the cantorian sense. A finite thing really and a collection of them can be a finite number in a greater sea of created vacuum effects- thus the small maps to the greater part as much as infinity defined downward mapping. Yet in that length of string all of the continuum of n-dimensions can be encoded.

Each string then like an individual soul or life path which seems the totality. But I can imagine a greater being who sees and lives the whole- The Giant would live each individual multivariate of string lifetimes (after all is not the DNA encoded in the egg such a model of sorts?) This is a wide continuum or omnium of things (thus loxomnium rather than loxocontinuum) The consciousness of God in the almost limitless details as the circles are precipitated memory and the lines are the opening of new foundations for enduring soul. God time not just linear nor in a sense at any place to join into the islands in the stream of time nor break thru beyond Himself what begins something beyond a serial infinity some place.

But even more, one small string of a life time can join with another for twice the infinity is infinity, a family of such multi-strings, and the Unity aware of all of these greater than non-linear possibilities.

The view from outside a quasic pixel of space can see the inner depth by parallax of angles and momenta- or in the understanding of the depth of field of this flatland and not stating half the dimensions, the pixels intrinsically cannot be hologram parts and not still remain a continuum- a quasic principle indeed, quasipixels- and in a sense we experience consciousness as if the will of a God to design and live the dream of the whole.\

Nevertheless this was a rather involved and strange dream, one that inspires a sense of spiritual thinking.

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